i havent busted with a twenty mintues with tony in a while

so lets get this party started

so last night i did that karnival of karl and i gotta say it wasnt as easy as it looks. im not saying this so that you kiss my ass, im saying it so that if you try it you know what youre getting yourself into.

if youre going to do it properly you a) need to find a topic of a shitload of sources b) have to have a shitload of time on your hands (that one took me 5 hours), c)dont have to get up in the damn morning d)dont mind editing like crazy e)dont mind reading everything that youre going to be linking to find the juicy bits f) have to be truly interested in the topic at hand.

with that said, im proud of that rundown. i did my best to show both sides, you had wonkette saying rove didnt do anything illegal, you had a link to blogs for bush, just one minute, and two links to the wall street journal calling bullshit on it all. see, insty, the world doesnt explode when you show both sides.

yes the majority of links are from people rubbing their hands in anticipation of rove getting his just deserts, but you go to technorati and type in “karl rove” and see what you get. unless you want to say that the technorati spiders are liberal…

if i ever do a carnival of [insert name here] again its definately going to be regarding something easier to look at than our beloved turd blossom. even the annoying paperclip from Word and Excel popped up on me last night to ask wtf.

with that said it worries me that people like Wonkette are saying that Rove didnt do anything wrong “by washington standards”. well then red, then whaddup with the double secret you didnt hear this from me whisperings and whaddup with scotty mcclennon suddenly asking the press to ixnay on the overay questions? are they faking us all out? are you faking us all out? and i love how on msnbc the host asked “so youre saying that this isnt something that people in california would care about?” baby people in california have to talk about something inbetewen earthquakes and fires and mudslides and bites of sushi.

speaking of sushi. blogging.la invited me to their sushi meetup last week and im always honored to be invited to things and im doing my best to break out of my hermit status but sushi isnt gonna do it. make the next meetup at a strip club or at the pantry and you’ll have better luck getting my ass there. but dont go changing on my account.

ads. people are always sending me emails asking me questions and thats nice. i feel honored about that too. but just because i play a guru on tv doesnt mean that im actually one. people ask me how to register their domains people ask me how to get their blogger blogs on their domains people ask me how to do photo essays. all excellent questions and maybe if i get this weed out of my system soon i will be motivated to write a real How To Blog that will include all those things but for right now lets talk about something super easy. ads.

i dont like ads on blogs. i dont think al gore invented the interweb so that pauly shore could hype his new tv show next to someone pouring their heart out. however some people are unemployed, and other people just need money. me, i am unemployed and i have bills bills bills that dont give a fuck about my ideals. and also, i like the weasel and if he wants to give me a hundred bucks to take up some space on my sidebar then fine.

i have been using blogads since the day i was laid off and last month, full disclosure, i made $420. its not a lot but it was exactly how much the dentist charged me yesterday to do some serious work on me. and to rewind a little in the story, whats funny is nearly the second that blogads paypalled me the moola (so smart that they use paypal) the dentist office called me to see if i wanted to get my teeth worked on.

the beauty of having a paypal debit card is tuesday i was paypalled the cash from blog ads and wednesday i paid the dentist with the paypal debit card. my real bank stash was never touched and career builder and those indie movies basically paid for my dental work. the perfect circle.

speaking of which (and this is a free plug) if youre in the beverly hills area and you want a great dentist, dr. engel is the man. he takes insurance, he has nitrous, and theres a nice tony romas next door to reward yourself for when hes done. i always love going there because the people are great and the doctor really is quite good.

before i went to dr. engel i bopped around between three different dentists and bailed out super fast. the first was karisas dentist and then i had some dude who had a great view, and then i had some other dude. none of them satisfied my needs or listened to me when i said ow ow ow. the theory at my beverly hills dentist is “nothing needs to hurt”.

i hope he starts blogging again.

ok how are we on time. five minutes. so the first podcast show will be with the lovely karisa. it will be about 40 minutes long. im editing the sound (not the content) using Audacity. i picked up this digital recorder off ebay for $99. its the diasonic ddr 1232. which is so small its like being a real reporter. how small? it says its 6″, but if thats the case then i need to go into porn cuz that aint… well, fine, if thats six inches then lets stop this blog post while im ahead. i have the feeling that its probably closer to 4″ but theres nothing in this bachelor pad four inches.

anyway i love it, it works great, its easy to use and not only does it hook up to the phone easilly but it hooks up to the computer even easier. id tell you about the software that it comes with but i lost it, which is why im using audacity.

in the coming weeks expect podcast interviews with all your favorites from the busblog including matt good raymi some of my ex gfs and some special guests who will blow your mind. im very excited about all of this because i love new things and most of the podcasts that ive heard have done nothing for me. so i hope to improve that area of blogging.

for those of you who are assuming that im going to just rant into a mic, thats not my vision for the podcast show. when i rant i like to do it via the typer. dont get me wrong, i can go off over the phone – especially now that im off the weed – but i am so fortunate to know so many extremely cool people that i want to share that with you in a way that AOL IM chats cant.

plus dont you want to hear karisas voice?

ps special thanks to ev for getting back to me personally regarding my Odeo account, theres no way i would be doing this if ev and noah werent involved. i have mad respect for both of them. they are the christopher columbi of new media and even though these worlds have already been discovered, nobody gives a shit until theyve conquered it. watch as i bring the malaria to the natives.

be a witness (its not gory) via matt good + reverse vampyr has mariahs nipple slip + click here if you want blogads on your blog