this is the week of getting my shit together

so if your expectations for this blog are that im going to write 2-3 times a day and everythings gonna be what they were before, then i am politely warning you that it might not end up that way.

physically, emotionally, logically, mentally, everything is going to be a-ok for my new job that starts august 1.

yes it was supposed to start this week but i got some amazing advice from a long lost friend to go and do some things before i started the new chapter in my life and even though it was scary and risky to renegotiate with the new gig i did it first thing this morning and disappointed them but hopefully they trust me enough to know that they will be far better off with the new improved super souped up edition of tony pierce than the well-meaning but slightly flawed version.

what does that mean? it means i have to finish my book, my podcast blog, i have to clean my house, i have to fix the leaky pipes in the walls and drippy sink, it means i have to fix my porch light and align my satelitte dish, it means i have to pay all my bills and change the belts of my car, pay all my bills, buy some new clothes, clean out my fridge, find some secret documents, figure out a work out schedule, pray, read the bible, get rid of my video tapes, send back this computer monitor that i paid for, buy a new monitor, get my printer working, get my scanner out of here, throw out all the garbage that is laying around my house, give most of my clothes to the poor on skid row directly, throw out all my bongs to the poor, go curtain shopping with karisa, decide if im never going to talk to ashley ever again, figure out how im going to handle the two bloggers who have gripes with me – one who might be seriously retarded and one who might just have his feelings hurt, start a week of eating right, give all these pulp fiction books of the 50s to old folks homes, give my box of sunglasses to the childrens hospital, get all the dust out of my bedroom, ebay my sheets because theyre historic, give my dodger tickets to the ronald mcdonald house, buy a serious new camera, back up my giant hard drives and then take 80% out of them, rewire my speaker system, and talk to the boys of odeo and get this podcasting shit together and rocking.

for starters.

and then figure out where im going to have a party in two weeks to celebrate the end of this incredible summer and the begining of the new thing.

i have no attention span so its good for me to dedicate one full week to doing all the things ive put off doing for all these years. and whats so interesting is all of this started when i got fired and all of it peaked when i drove through the desert at night to vegas and talked until the sun rose with all those strippers because i came back home such a changed man that i had stopped my addictive habit with the greatest of ease.

my friend who recommended that i finish that peak said that she wasnt suprised that that trip had caused that change and she said that another trip would do even more good but i dont need another drive to know what i have to do and what i have to do is cleanse myself and rid my body and soul of all the damage that i had done to it over all these years especially the last ones where i was unloved by those in power and totally loved by my peers. that friction created what you know as the busblog but unlike others i dont like to created diamonds from pressure and friction, i like to snap my fingers and have them appear out of thin air and if you dont believe that they can materialize both ways then you havent been watching the world like i have.

not everything needs to be hard.

and the busblog will get updated every day but maybe not until super late in the day, and for those of you who will be affected by this i apologize in advance and i hope that you click some of the other links on this blog when you get tired of being patient but i promise you it will be worth your wait.

i interviewed raymi in the middle of my deep cleaning today and i will upload it throughout this week starting tomorrow so maybe that will give you a reason to come back.


p.s. after i get back from the goodwill i will answer the good questions that were left in this post so if you have more either ask them here or there and i will get to them tonight.

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