Lighthouse Cafe

in isla vista i used to say that i knew i was at the right party if marc brown was there.

marc brown was not at the tsar show last night at the Lighthouse Cafe in hermosa beach.

six members of the rockstar:inxs show were there though.

even the black dude with the spikey mohawk who i used to like until he walked out during the tsar set.

now i cant blame him completely, hermosa is the place where frat boys and sorority hos move to after graduation. and if my favorite band wasnt playing there, no way would i have been anywhere near there.

sadly it was only one of two october shows that tsar was scheduled to play in LA, and i had to feed karisas cat in nearby playa. and it was a benefit for the victims of katrina.

if i had known that the rockstar inxs crew would be doing their version of karaoke directly before the tsar set i might have been fashionabley late.

hermosa beach is the reason the terroists hate us.

its the reason i hate us.

its the reason people move to new york.

to be forced to watch and listen to skinny white girls in two hundred dollar jeans sing marvin gaye to a drunken crowd before they raffle off a beach cruiser is the reason they invented jello shots, and cyanide capsules,

and big shiney 70s headphones, which tsar singer jeff whalen sarcastically sported while waiting for the madness to fizzle out.

twenty minutes after they were scheduled to leave the stage the rockstar:inxsers finally left, tsar turned on their smoke machine and mid set there was only one inxser left in the club and he was loving it and right in front

for even in the entire land of soddom, there will be one who is worthy of saving.

tsar opened with calling all destroyers which nicely segued into band girls money.

dan wore a long sleeve shirt for the first time, i think ever on stage.

the second the show was over, i was headed out the door, but not before first letting tsars manager know that i would like never to return to hermosa please, to which he understood and asked me if i would be at the roxy show at the end of the month and i said but of course.

and before i ran out the door i swiped one of dans guitar picks from the ground which had a faint hint of blood on it.

as thats how tsar rolls.

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