you guys know that im a dumbass right? k, good.

so when i left the house i packed my mac, my ipod, my camera. pretty much everything except my power cord for my computer. so i see i have 33% of my battery left so i will make this short.

mr brown sent me to kinkos to make flyers for our party tonight. it was the kinkos near madison square garden. they were packed. they didnt seem to want to help tony pierce so i threw marcs name in there and they were all, so.

kinkos likes to take your credit card and keep it in their credit card reader as long as youre there. its an interesting way of doing business that doesnt take in account things like their printer running out of paper. the card machine just keeps taking money out of your credit card.

after about an hour and a half i had 80 little handout fliers and all was well. the whole time i kept thinking that i would have failed if this was the Apprentice. it was nice being outside and as much as i like this conference because EVERYTHING is about blogging and therefore right up my alley, new york is right outside and this city is definately fun being in the middle of.

when i got back to the copa they were serving lunch. chicken or veal sir? a little of both please. marc and i sat next to a lovely woman named dolly who does internet radio, and we sat next to a pleasant fella from yahoo.

marc got on him because the new yahoo blog search only returns flickr photos and not all photos. he was all, that would be like if you went to Google and all they returned were blogspot blogs. nobody would use that search engine again.

the dude was clearly not involved in that aspect of yahoo and i decided to play good cop and ask him if he knew jeff mcmanus and he said no.

little yellow different?


it was then i realized he was a spy and i put a bug on his collar when i shook his hand. we will be tracking his every move in a few minutes.

during lunch the vp of technorati spoke. he gave a really good little deal because it was some powerpoint but some video and he was funny and it was an interesting topic with the theme being that the blogosphere is One Giant Brain. in the old days people were afraid of computers taking over, that they would think. nowadays corporations are afraid of bloggers telling the world that they suck. etc. so this guy was basically saying that those who are scared have a right to be scared but they still should figure out what to do in this new world where the Giant Brain will accept mistakes if theyre acknowledged and the corps can learn from the Brain as to what the solution should be.

the blogosphere is full of assholes i mean opinoins, so you should ask them more often.

i cleaned my plate but marc just poked at his.

afterwards i met mena from six apart and then we had desert.

now a dude from mcdonalds is speaking about the mcdonalds blog. who knew they had one? oh… its an internal one.

ok 25% so im out.


mena trott + chris nolan + hell box

im here at BlogOn in the famous copacabana room

and whats so funny is the wifi isnt working.

the old line is if you can get a hundred monkeys in a room banging on typewriters after a while someone will write shakespeare.

when you get three hundred bloggers in a room banging on laptops you get a fuckedup network where noone can write.

it might be just as well.

last night i spent the night at aj and dannettes lovely home in brooklyn where i will be until wednesday. such sweet young ladies and they have a great place.

i woke up this morning to the pleasant voice of dannette saying tony you need to wake up now. my ipod alarm clock obviously hadnt done the job.

after a great shower the crisp fall air smacked me in the face and made me zipper up my hollywood fakerjacket and listened to tsar as i walked the eight-ten blocks to the subway stop. its easy to fall in love with new york. you see every type of person as you walk to the subway.

i saw a dad walking his two daughters to work. they were singing, he was walking his bike. i saw tons of people walking their dogs. i saw lots of delivery dudes, cops, and people all heading for the subway.

people are far nicer in the subway than they show you in the movies. and as old as the subways are, they run super well and quicker than youd think.

because im a dumbfuck i got out at penn station across the street from madison square garden and went north instead of west and found myself on the block of fishmarkets. quite a good-morning smell. when youre traveling or on vacation its sorta fun to get lost. unless youre late for your first day of work.

fortunately my boss was running late too so we were good and i beat him to the hotel.

seth godin was the first speaker, he was really good until the speech sorta turned into a pitch for his new service. its hard not to hype what you make money for, you should be careful when youre in front of a bunch of extremely critical and jaded adults who get pitched crap every second. seth’s new product has some good ideas, but his deal hit a sour note – and it didnt help him when the network got bogged down with traffic and died when he broke his own rule of demoing live on a beta site.

its always fun for the crowd though to see someone sweat.

the orange juice is watery and theres not enough chairs.

i see jeff jarvis across the room, i must be in the right place.