happy thanksgiving canada

if i was you id be thankful for lots of things.

hockey’s back, weed is close to being legal, global warming is gonna stop people from complaining how cold is it up there.

and you have like half of my favorite bloggers all in your country.

this morning paige caught me on msn to wish me a happy thanksgiving.

i asked her if she was gonna have turkey but she said she had dinner last night.

last night?

sometimes i wonder if canada does things differently just to be different.

for example, why the heck would you have thanksgiving on a monday? how does that help anything out?

the funny thing about blogging is ive never really known about my neighbors to the north, and i cant say i know that much more, but i have learned that they dont parlez vous as much as i thought or hoped.

they have been incredibly nice.

and i am hoping that when i start my gig with Buzznet next week that mc brown will authorize a canadian tour where i can at least visit vancouver around the time matt good does some shows there

and perhaps a journey to montreal to see the sites.

i understand they have a hockey team there.

and of course ice fishing with raymi and fil.

however i reaaaaaally want to see the Rush Museum and the beer factory from Strange Brew.

and pamela anderson’s birthdplace, of course.

thanks for all the early adopters who picked up Stiff as soon as i plopped it on the web, im thinking about having a web page that will list everyone’s name and link to their blog or favorite site or something.

i had a great weekend, and this will be a fun, yet bittersweet week because of my departure from my current company.

our owners were featured in this article in the LA Times, however, which was pretty cool.

i will miss them dearly.

yahoo has a podcast portal + paige + neil + blogger unknown

oh shit, its stiff!

two ways to get them: signed or unsigned

unsigned is cheaper, quicker, and you dont even really have to deal with me.

signed cost a little more and you’ll have to email me.

it’s up to you but gee it’d be great if you got one, the goal is to sell 666 before the end of the year.

i can honestly say that this collection is my best and favorite work. it’s the novella Stiff, it’s my best and favorite poems, and it’s my favorite op-ed column from the daily nexus all in one deal.

for a signed version or more info click here + to get an unsigned version click here
emmanuelle took a pic of me with most of them here