Wow, holy high school cafeteria argument.

drew with mr tJust go sit at another table. – Meags

tel me about it baby, but such is my so called life.

if this was a real diary and not a nothing in this is true blawg id say

oh dear diary,

tonight anna and i were supposed to go to the rock n roll show at the avalon.

and not just any show, but the format who i love and despite whatever issues i had with jana pants while she was here, the worst of all being her dancing around in her underwares while i was trying to write i mean omg. but despite that she has the greatest taste in music of all.

in the short period of time that she was here she turned me on to blood meridian, blood brothers, and best of all the format who are over dramatic and happy and just so good it ought to be musical theatre. like if radiohead ate meatloaf and shit a brass section out.

produced by steve macdonald of redd kross

of course.

ridiculously perfect.

fucker probably had a boner for the entire session.

i told jeff whalen that it sounded like a grown up version of the pooh sticks.

queen humping the arcade fire at the bequest of scissor sisters.

odds of you turning gay are high but the odds of you taking a chick like anna kournikova to it and getting laid are even higher.

but alas suddenly something suddenly came up and its hard to argue with a girl who actually has a life, not to mention a boyfriend, but the timing is horrible, for now its four twenty and im depressed, not just because i wanted to see this band but see it with her because

if i take clipper girls cousin she will say something so clipper girls cousin like see tony this is why i love you of which i will have to say something so tony which is read my lips no new taxes which rhymes with i dont love you.

and if i go alone i will be sad the whole time.

oh diary why does my life need to sucksorz. i cant wait to join the marines.

id put lines like that in my diary to see if my mom was reading it.



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