youre the hottest girl ever

i told her and meant it and she said your cooking lacks any flavor whatsoever.

i said youre just jealous that im going to drive around the country without you. she said im jealous that youre going to drive around two countries without me. i said then dont be mean about my beef stroganoff.

what she senses is that im excited to go. what she probably noticed was that i never unpacked my bag from last time. what she probably sees is my place is clean because all ive cared about has been work and sleep.

overnight ive become the most boring man ever and she cant find out about my life through the blog so she text messages me and i say anna dont you have a bf to be bothering

i went to the grocery store looking for anti inflamatories for my hands. i remember that the doctor many years ago got me the technical version but his nurse told me that it was either advil or alleve or tylenol or something and strangely enough none of those boxes says anti-inflammatory on it.

someone left tiger woods pga 2006 on my doorstep for the psp this morning

either this person is really nice or really mean since i really should be resting my hands as much as possible.

although cooking was nice.

dave letterman just had the worst comedian of all time on his show. charlie hill a native american comedian. he seemed stoned. almost like they werent his jokes. for his sake i hope he was stoned And those werent his jokes.

i pay too much for my post office box. but i get some sweet shit in it.

in less than a week im back on the road.

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