im the worst at going to the post office

which is one reason why i didnt come out with a book this year. poor tomdog has been doing such a great job with LAist and i havent given him his mp3s that id like for him to review because i couldnt get it together.

poor chris is saving the world in uganda and i havent been able to get her her mp3 cd player. i was gonna go to the post office last night but failed. was gonna go this morning but failed. then on my way to the airport there was a long line and then the airport post office on century was closed.

so here i am sitting in the Southwest Airlines A line with my little bag and my big box for her. its all addressed. but im gonna carry it to Orlando. if theres one thing that i miss about working at E! other than the hot babes roaming is the hiddent post office across the street from us.

this morning i had to wake up at 8am, which was a struggle because that has usually been my bedtime. but i did it and i cleaned up a little for the young lady who is going to stay at my place and i made a bunch of cds for chris and i packed and i showered and i oh shit i forgot to take out the trash. im the worst.

youd think that i could get these things together since i dont have an office that takes up my time, i dont have a commute to worry about, i dont have a boss asking me why i want to leave the office early. but no. im a loser.

got to the airport this morning and they had shut down the off ramp off the 105. so we had to drive all around the airport via the beach. so for once i tuned in AM 580 which is the airport radio station but of course its just a prerecorded bs station. tuned in the other AM stations but theyre clueless. why would any news or traffic stations “on the Ones” actually give a shit about LAX being on lock down on two of their major entrances?

the reason im doing this this weekend is because my mom knows i hate traveling over the holidays so we’re celebrating this week. and because she knows i hate the cold we’re going to be in florida. i cant imagine how shitty this place is going to be in the coming weeks. no thanks.

freaking gorgeous in LA today. almost too hot. love it. will miss it. last night i needed to start a fire in the fireplace though and the smoke wasnt going up the chimney so i had to open up the windows and put a blanket on. sorta defeated the plan.

ok so im online dating and i thought i had found a good girl because one of the questions that i ask is a multiple choice question.

Q. How romantic are you?

they dont have questions like “do you like it in the ass” or “spit or swallow”, so thats the closest that i can get to “are you a cold fish or are you a freaky cheerleader who gives roadhead?”

she passed up the pre-set answers and picked the write-in candidate and wrote “I like to both give and receive romance.”


so then it was her turn. this company gives you 30 things to choose from as “must haves” and 30 things to choose that are “can’t stand.”

normally i sorta ignore what the ladies put in those things cuz theyre so generic and obvious “i cant stand people with tempers” really? do people like people like that?

so she wrote “i cant stand people who watch or own porn”.

so close, so far away.