the beginning of the end

 june 2006

6/1 i answer more questions from the comments including this one from pitt “q. should we turf our buzznet swag now???”

6/2 rarely do i ever listen to criticism from the comments of the busblog, and when someone a few months ago said something bad about the use this year of videos on the busblog all i could think of was this post and how that video is as good as the best pics on this blog

6/3 the only problem i have with life

6/5 “everyones complaining about the sopranos finale and by everyone of course i mean karisa.”

6/6/06 happy 666 day

6/7 on this day i wrote that alan iverson was karisas favorite baller and she didnt correct me

6/8 i admit that i had been named the Editor of LAist on 6/6. shortest unemployment ever.

6/8 “here are the enemies of the laist: dumb stories, bad stories, boring stories, bad pictures, dumb pictures, boring pictures, dial up, george steinbrenner, any member of the soul patrol.

“no matter what does, they will never be on that list. theyve been too good to me over the years, i like them too much, and it would be, as the kids say so politically incorrectly, gay.

“some of my best friends are politically incorrect.”

6/12 on spending the weekend in vegas to prepare/celebrate/meditate

6/13 “i think the busblog will have a good purpose. it will be the place where i can be sloppy and stupid and not have to worry or think or stress about.”

6/13 “i was up till 6am last night trying to figure out what the hell. but i fell asleep before i got the answer.”

6/14 laist has been down due to a mad rush of traffic. thats the catch 22 of the web. when something good happens you get shut down, like when a good band plays in isla vista.

6/16 “probably the most overlooked journalist of all of our friends, emmanuelle knocks out story after story about LA culture, politics, and hollywood entertainment. unfortunately she does it en francais and often times on french radio so its hard to copy and paste it into our blogs”

6/19 its 256am superhotchick i met at the home depot fell asleep on me as we were watching the ice storm. not pictured.

i ask the readers of the busblog to ask questions that will be answered on LAist, they oblige because they wonderful

6/20 ray whitney of the carolina hurricanes says “fucking right” on abc at 8:10pm because his team just won the stanley cup. abc doesn’t get fined by the fcc.

6/21 before me and karisa go to swingers i write an anti-kobe post on LAist which wakes up the readership, thats for sure.

6/22 while writing a post about how i missed ashley, i threw this in there “while in the desert i accomplished everything that i wanted: i drew up a detailed plan for LAist, i wrote, i partied, i made out with a stripper with a tounge pierce. i even won at the slots. perfect.” and i wonder why shes bitchy towards me.

6/23 unanimous negative reviews from the critics about my job so far at LAist. the best being “the new LAist is making me want to move to another city.”

6/24 moxie and i do a long podcast together

6/26 fortunately we disobeyed our advisors and did what you should do outside the good luck club and thats kiss a gift horse in the mouth.

6/28 me and karisa go to the BET awards and dance and drink and dance

6/29 “last night i went to two concerts. first hawksley workman at the viper room and then Love at the whiskey. i totally enjoyed myself at the hawksley show and canada, that dude is the real deal.”

6/30 i ask two simple questions and 50 people respond