Wikipedia is determined to delete my entry

spiderman smoking from their hallowed pages.

i wrote a rebuttal (below)in the discussion page but it doesn’t seem to make any difference, so if you wanna see it take a picture because it’s due for demolition.

Obviously I’m biased in this discussion since I am Tony Pierce, and maybe nowadays running a blog is no big deal, but in August 2001 when I started the busblog there weren’t 54 million blogs going. Anyways, I was on G4TV not for my blog, but for the “blook” that I wrote called “How To Blog” which won an award at SXSW. I’ve also been interviewed in the New York Times for being addicted to the web, written about in the Washington Post, and named in the LA Times as the most entertaining blog in LA.

True my personal blog, the busblog, lately isn’t what it used to be, but that’s because I now blog for a living as Editor of LAist, but everyone has made a career and a living out of blogging these days, right? In 2002 I coined the word blook (invented by Jeff Jarvis), which is turning parts of your blog into a book, a word that is dorky, true, but was up for Word of the Year this year by the Oxford Dictionary. Again, achievements I’m sure you’ve all reached. I’d have cleaned up this wikipedia entry on myself but as you can see from this note I’m not so skilled with your interface. I guess that’s why I still use, speaking of which I was sitting next to Ev the night he announced that Google had just bought Blogger just like Amanduhh’s mom? She looked alot like Xeni Jardin. And I was one of just 20 bloggers given free trips to Amsterdam by the Dutch government this year and put up in 5 star hotels to blog about the city, and and and… but blogging is irrelevant to you guys so whatevs. And yeah I realize I don’t get the amount of hits of some of the bloggers in the Technorati Top 100 but personal sites that state right up front that “nothing in here is true” dont really stand a chance of popularity unless youre a whorish hot chick or a political partisan and yet still somehow I am in the Technorati Top 500 (currently #428) ( I agree lots of bloggers can claim that they “belong” here, but how many have achieved these things while being more popular than 99.999% of the rest? Maybe the kids just liked my photo essays?

Anyway there’s no doubt that I was one of the early leaders of blogging, definitely one of the more influential ones, and now a professional one. Therefore I believe that my entry should stay. But if it goes, that’s ok. I did well without Wikipedia, I will live without it. Plus people know where to find me since Google has me listed right below the Tony Awards and Tony Hawk when you simply type “tony” into Google. Thankfully they’re not blog-haters 🙂 Now that I read some of your snarks, it seems like the problem here is in the entry not being very good, not the subject. However, if I had written this entry then you would have tried to bust me for self-promotion. So there’s the rub.

As soon as I posted that I got two more no votes, so clearly if I want to be in Wikipedia I’ve got to sell arms for hostages or become a librarian (jk).

I even posted a discussion on Metafilter about the question of deleting actual information based on yesterdays washington post article (which is what prompted me to check out my entry), but that post was deleted. not my day.

Fortunately the Bears defense and special teams made today worth it. And being in Orlando doesn’t suck. Although the woman who called at 11am to find out if I wanted to buy a time share at while my family was at Disney World was interesting. I had fallen asleep at 5am and wasnt happy to be woken up by these people and told them I was napping to leave me alone.

At noon she called and asked “how was your nap Mr. Pierce?” I said, come over here and ask me that and slammed the phone down.

update #1: has written a post about it (using the worse picture of me ever, but maybe i am that fugly, in which case, how do i ever get laid ever?) either way, thanks david

update #2: upon Basart’s invitation to look at the page of the dude at wikipedia who is behind this “war on blogs” i notice that he’s part of the Gay Nigger Association of America. and here i always thought i did well with gay niggers in america. obviously i was confusing them with the gay niggers of canada.

update #3: on the top of the list of the self-proclaimed gay nigger’s Queue for deletion from wikipedia after they delete my entry? technorati top 100 blog, Gothamist. you know, the people who sign my paycheck. weirdly, having a top 100 blog that posts 20-30 times a day poised for deletion makes me feel a little better about my doomed fate. it means that no blogs are safe.