i have my first online date this weekend.

i dont know what movie to take her to, so if you have any ideas feel free… i was so ready to take a lunch break yesterday at 11am. i was so ahead of the game. but i just kept working. theres something wrong with me. very very wrong.

laist was on fire yesterday. i think we had twenty stories. something like that. i think i wrote something funny. i cant remember.

i do remember that i cooked tonight. tacos. i had some ground turkey from the other day when i went to the store and it was a red tag butcher man discount price of ninety nine cents for a little more than a pound.

i thought i had some helper in there but i was all outta helper/

this isnt drunk blogging this is exahusted blogging. its 450am, im seeing so many things that arent here .

mark and xeni from boing boing gave me top ten lists from 2006 yesterday.

as did the dude who created Post Secret.

you dont need to be funny if youve got all those badasses.

i realized today that in six months ive never felt the urge to editorialize. as in a column or a rant or something. none. not that my opionion doesnt matter, just that theres going to be very little that i could add thats going to be more classic than what the next story or picture or video is gonna be.

if youre an ice skater and you live here in LA you should go down to pershing square (take the subway) and get there around 8pm and you can hear one of the best new duos, The Submarines, and then Great Northern at 9pm. they will play as you ice skate.

its called Spaceland on Ice. it makes me glad i dont do hallucenegines.

if the clippers got allen iverson

id be at those games