rarely do i give a fuck what anyone thinks but

this morning when i woke up and i fired up the gmail and read something by someone trying to be funny, i think…

tony pierce

fired from buzznet
deleted from wikipedia
banned by metafilter

you should make a t-shirt

well, maybe it is sorta funny. later in the day i was reminded by some good friends that i had also been banned by the nexus too.

youd think i was an enormous asshole. maybe i am an enormous asshole because most the time im all, thats why im being fired/deleted/banned – i can think of way more spectacular ways to go out.

tim hardaway for example flamed out pretty spectacularly this week. i think theres a lack of outrage because we’re all still in shock that he said that he straight up hates gays.

“You know, I hate gay people, so I let it be known. I don’t like gay people and I don’t like to be around gay people. I’m homophobic. I don’t like it. It shouldn’t be in the world or in the United States.” he said.

if youre gonna go out and be despised, thats how to do it.

to be despised because you were telling people that howard stern got engaged, thats just sad.

but things happen for weird reasons, and sometimes for seemingly no reason. and if i have extra time on my hands, isnt writing on the busblog better for all parties involved than posting on a message board that has plenty of varied voices, where i am not even a drop in the bucket?

we had our LAist meeting tonight at the ye old rustic. any girl who ends up topless at my house knows how hard it is to get me to go outside. and they definitely know how hard it is to get me to agree on a date to meet somewhere and actually follow through on the agreement. i hate schedules. i hate having to be somewhere.

our monthly meetings are always good and tonights was really good. we crammed into the giant booth in the back and drank so many pitchers. before we started our waitress told me, “you have some fans at the bar” but i thought she was either kidding or talking about some LAisters who were asking where our table was in the dark room.

and then later someone said there are your fans, cant you see they keep looking over here? but the lakers were on the tv above me so i just figured they were looking at the tv. eventually basart went over to the table and drank with them and after a beer he waved me over which was highly unusual since how rude of me to leave my fellow contributers of LAist, a table i was hosting. but what if they were fans? on a shitty day thats when you need fans.

well they were, and the dude reminded me that i had met him once before at the troubadour at a tsar show. i was all, opening for juliette lewis? and he was all no, you were drinking with karisa. and i was all, hmmm. but i do remember meeting him and he was so nice to me tonight. going off on how much he loves the busblog and now LAist.

we drank, later we shared a shot of something red that had rum and grapefruit juice in it. i sat next to an asian republican. we talked a little about tsar and then i excused myself to go back to the LAist table. and then i had a great time with them.

so the lesson is get out of the house every now and then and since nothing in here is true let me tell you about the craziest prayer i had last night. now ive been saying my prayers before i go to bed ever since i was a wee lad. but last night i was going through the same old routine, which they say you shouldnt do, they say you should just pray from your heart, when all of a sudden my prayer was interrupted.

if youve ever been on a phone call and the operator breaks in, thats exactly what happened. and instead of me saying the same prayers ive been saying every night for years someone else broken in and said ok this is what youre gonna do. youre gonna start going to bed at a reasonable hour. youre gonna stop watching so much tv. youre going to start running. youre gonna start writing better on your shit. quit listening to the devil. quit believing in negative possibilities. quit being a little bitch. if you believe in me then fucking believe.


and for the first time in a very long time i set my alarm clock so i would wake up at a reasonable hour. and since now its 342 i better peace out and find out whose gonna say the prayers tonight.

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