Do you know I was too busy

to thank Matt Good for writing this about me?

On a Canadian website about fishing Matt tells everyone about his favorite bloggers. Of course Raymi tops the list, but I sneak in there somehow myself. horray!

Tony Pierce: Chicago Cubs fanatic, music disciple, Los Angelino, photographer, wanderer, blog fanatic and the editor of the LAist. When it comes to blogging, there are a million and one things that can said about Tony. But being that I’ve known him for years I have to admit that, at the moment, I am struggling to remember what the million and first thing is — but, it’ll come to me.

Tony is a purist in the realm of stream-of-consciousness blogging. His blog can neither be categorized by a specific content type, nor could it be claimed that it is without focus. He is, at times, argumentative, brash, and full fisted, while at other times pensive, humorous, reflective, and purposely out to lunch.

Over the years we have podcasted, talked for hours about a multitude of happenings, and even spent time basking poolside in the comfortable California sun. What that last tidbit has to do with blogging I’m not sure, but if there’s one person one the planet that could make it applicable, it would be him.

Thanks Matt!

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