every day i see people quitting their blogs

and trust me, if theres anyone who knows how hard it is to keep up a blog its me.

sometimes i look at it and i say, boy we’re gonna have to take you around back and fix this problem.

what problem?

my time management problem.

history is written by the writers so if any of you found yourself in the dot com boom dont let people rewrite what really happened during that beautiful time. people want to talk about expensive company parties and young people not knowing what they were doing and pool tables in the offices and free food, etc. what happened was alan greenspan wanted to cool off the economy cuz it was too hot. only problem was we didnt need him to put his dick into the situation. and the economy froze everyone except for the very strongest.

i did not become a millionaire in my wallet but the things that i learned will never leave me and one of the things i learned was from a former marine officer who probably shouldnt have been working for us but hey it was the dot com boom and one of the beautiful things that you experienced were beautiful mismatches like that.

and one of the things this guy told us young kids was we were misusing our energy. he said he wished he had what we had but we were fucking it all to shit by not being a little focused and having some sort of structure.

id fuck up on something and hed say time management tony.

id forget something and hed say time management son.

two girls would pass by me and giggle and id look over at him and say time management bro.

anyways you too can have a life, beat off, read books, hike in the hills, and throw garden parties

and blog

if you set aside 20 minutes a day.

and dont make those 20 minutes be the last 20 minutes of your day cuz for sure you wont do it then.

if you normally brush your teeth before you go to bed, do this, blog before you brush your teeth. tell your imaginary friend tony about your day.

here i’ll go first.

my maid came by on friday and she was working really long on my apartment and i was about to run off to the cubs game and she was saying how happy she was to have her son home for the summer but she didnt know what to do with him as he doesnt have many friends here.

and two very good friends of mine gave me two pairs of cubs tickets for this weekend, and i was on my way to see fridays game so i said hey i have a pair of dodger tickets for tomorrows game, take your boy.

and her face lit up and she said oh tony.

so whoever it was who sent me saturday tickets, you made a very nice woman and her son very very happy.

so today i woke up at noon, turned on the game, and watched the cubs beat the dodgers as carlos zambrano regained his stuff.

and now we’re on our way.

wasnt that easy?

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