today is karisas 28th birthday

born to daughters of the revolution and to sons of senators sons of senators sons, karisa ran away at an early age to join the circus but they already had a fire eater so she said i can walk the tightrope and they said already got one of those and she said how about the sword swallower and they said got two of those

and she said i could guess peoples weights and they said youre hired

but all that ever happened was shed be right and the ladies would blush and the men would get slapped for laughing.

so she moved to california during the dot com boom and i hired her for twelve dollars an hour and she never once made me feel bad for getting her at such a low price

nor i her.

and now she makes more than twice what i do so whos got the last laugh.

thats right, the irs.

karisa is one of the funnest people ive ever met, and ive met pretty much everyone. tonight we went to see ms britney spears, the hottest mother of two divorcee in the joint.

earlier karisa had been saying that she had started celebrating her birthday a little early and rubbed her belly revealing the slightest of paunch youd ever imagine if you could even imagine something so wee, and there was britney ten minutes later with some visibile baby weight still there but not caring, wearing a bra, a skirt and the worst wig in the joint.

and getting applauded, and loved.

people loved britney spears so much last night that they paid their money for their tickets knowing full well (becuase of the previous 2 concerts this week in southern cal) that she would only do 15 minutes, theyd be lipsynced and thered be no encore.

indeed ive never seen a more psyched up and excited crowd in my life. people were dancing to the excellent dj, they were laughing, they were yelling, and at any point that there was a lul during britney’s deal theyd scream.

and when it was over, they left, so satisfied.

proof that the recipe for a generation of the short attention spanned pop culture junies – quick concerts of big stars who play music we’re familiar with.

afterwards karisa and i went over to the sky bar where they asked if we were guests of the hotel and i said its karisas birthday and the dude looked at her in her tight sleeveless obey shirt

unlatched the velvet rope

and said this way

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