sometimes your mojo leaves you

and you think that you’ll never find it again.

and you send out your calling pigeons and you send out your hounds.

and you send out an SOS to the world.

and you even grow a beard so that it can collect your scent of jack n the box tacos and weed and teenagers

and still no mojo

and you think oh thats it, maybe mojo has an expiration date or it runs from the elderly and gangbangs the young

but the truth is sometimes the mojo gets lost and follows the northstar

and you might have always suspected that its in canada or oregon or somewhere

and there it is and you say hi mo

and it asks do i know you

and you get it high and introduce it to some irish girls and some local strangers and some tourists from australia and after some joints the mojo says wait youre THE tony pierce

and you say yes ive been trying to tell you all along and then the mojo totally switches back into what you always knew it was and vice versa

and then the sunshine breaks through the clouds

and the maid opens the door

and the aussie says


One night only: Vancouver International Bloggers Drinking Convention
Steamworks is at 375 Water St. 4:20p-9pm
Railway is at 579 Dunsmuir Street 9pm-??

and tick tock you dont stop.

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