dear summer vacation,

i love you.

do you know that? its true. how could you be any better? do you see this picture? do you see me smiling while talking to a pretty girl while we walk through a park while holding a beer? as great as that little moment in time was, it doesnt even hold a candle to the lunch i had, and the dinner i had, and the experience that we had buying weed from the hells angels

or the amazing fireworks, or the drinking and smoking before and after the fireworks, or the rendevous after the drinking and smoking after the fireworks

or the late night poutine

oh, poutine, i might love you most of all.

but lets talk about the fireworks. they lasted all night.

people watched from all over.

they had this barge out there. it looked like a bed of lights.

first one firework rose up and exploded gently, then another. they had these ones that twisted inside each other.

they had these others that looked like huge round tits.

with little nipple explosions.

they even had these long twisting soaring rockets which arched and peaked and fell a tad

and got silent

and then erupted into squiggly white lights in the sky.

everyone applauded.

but the tittie bombs exploded and the nipple ones and the great shapes and the varied sounds and the rapid booms at the end of each segment sent the crowd into a lighthearted and loving mood.

the fireworks happen a few times throughout the summer. every night a different country sets off the fireworks. last night was spain. holland is coming soon, then america, then canada is last.

then they all light off fireworks together on the last night, the finale.

im aglow today.

im asotired. im asore. im ahungover. im asohappy. im a little high.

because we had asked everyone in vancity where to get weed and a few people said blah blah bar, go in the back climb the stairs.

so we went to the bar, me and foxxy, who is far more foxxy in real life. and we went to the bar and i asked the bartender. and foxxy said oh i have some shake in my bag and i said shhh. and the bartender said i dont know what youre talking about

and i said is upstairs open, and he looked at the stairs in the back and said i dont know what youre talking about yes.

which is the sound of what the fireworks sounded like last night.


right before they exploded all over the bay.

even as we were climbing the stairs foxxy was digging through her bag

one flight, two flights, three flights, and we saw a room with a table, a dude, and a dude sitting next to the dude.

there was also a line of people.

the person at the front of the line would throw down one $20 bill or two.

the dude behind the table would reach into his huge bucket of weed and weigh out $20 worth, put it in a baggie, and hand it to the silent customer. the other dude took the money and put it in a box.

then the next customer would throw down his money.

everyone marched in perfect harmony like that scene from the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld. no one wanted to say the wrong thing in fear that they wouldnt get their, uh, soup.

we got our weed, walked down to the street, and started on our journey walking through town.

later we found out that we had just been served, beautifully by the hells angels.


and fellas, that was the smoothest transaction ive ever acomplished in my entire life. ive been to the 7-11 where it took more time to buy one can of coke than it did to buy that primo bc bud. this took seconds, i got a four flight work out, i scored a good deal, and within minutes i was high with a hot babe with fake boobs that feel completely real.


photos by duane who was a great pre fireworks host, and thnx to keira who hosted the post fireworks drinkin

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