my brother in law surprised me with a phone call today

thank youfuckers been here for days and hasnt told me. so even though today i was super busy, as always, like crazy busy, i was very happy to have him take me out to dinner.

for some reason my mom didnt tell me he was gonna be here either cuz she thought that i didnt care cuz any time she tells me that some crazy cousin or some weird relative i met when i was 3 is in town i yawn and when pressed to hang out with them i threaten suicide.

but i have nothing but love for my brother in law. not only did he marry my only sister, which i appreciate. but he helped create two beatiful kids, one of whom totally looks like me, and hes even raising them, which im also stoked about.

and he takes after my moms household, automotive, and spiritual needs at no extra charge.

hes a very good man. hes very quiet. hes very white. and hes top shelf if you ask me.

so when he said he wanted thai food i was all, palms thai of course.

but then we started driving and the sun was setting and the poor dudes gotta go back to chicago where he says the weathers been shitty all summer so i said lets go to the beach and eat around there. and just as we had decided on touristy gladstones, danielle, who formerly lived two blocks away from gladstones called me to ask me if major league baseball players get paid their major league salary when theyre sent down to the minors – it depends on their contracts – i asked her if there were any good thai places near gladstones.

she said yes, Thai Beach, just north of the Reel Inn

and there it was right across the street from the beach, there on pch.

we ate delicious foods, i smiled at a waitress who wasnt ours, everyone in the place eating were suspicious characters, my brother in laws work paid for the whole thing, and it was quite a lovely situation.

when we got back to my place, i did the only thing my family has done to him for as long as we’ve known him, we put him to work. i had him connect my faulty WiFi

and the craziest thing is he tried to fix it and after an hour of tinkering, he couldnt do it.

and i thought to myself, i coulda sworn he was xbi.

but nope, hes just nice.

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