raymi analyzing post secrets, including this one


here is what someones else had to say i still have mine too, after a year and half. only two people know about that secret, and its right there in my purse and anyone could see it if they looked close enough. in a way, i think i’m holding onto it the way you hold onto any receipt; if you’re unsure of your purchase. and then another person said this I went to the same exact clinic and I feel guilty for not feeling guilty.

i am SO TIRED of hearing sob abortion stories GROW UP! call oprah while you’re at it, and, in the words of some rich old white guy, tommy, DO THE RIGHT THING!

yes i want to debate this, do you guys eat eggs? yes you do. do you cry when you eat eggs and keep your egg receipts? ungh i can’t do this. you are not mary magdalene, no one cares. also, 450 bones? i have a feeling your guilty conscience might have something to do with oh, brainwashing, come to canada next time and get over yourselves.

raymi very well could be north americas finest blogger

am i pleased that someone stole my ron paul story

the headline, the structure, the examples, etc? sure they updated it a little after mine had been out there for a day or two, but yeah, am i pleased? the answer is i have very low self esteem so these sorts of things do please me because it makes me feel like i had a good enough story that someone said, “yeah i can touch this up a little but mostly its right on the money.” so that makes me happy. thanks.

heres some links:

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+ omg the hills is fake?
+ usually i dont like girls with makeup but im willing to make exceptions
+ fuck dont fuck the kids
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