am i pleased that someone stole my ron paul story

the headline, the structure, the examples, etc? sure they updated it a little after mine had been out there for a day or two, but yeah, am i pleased? the answer is i have very low self esteem so these sorts of things do please me because it makes me feel like i had a good enough story that someone said, “yeah i can touch this up a little but mostly its right on the money.” so that makes me happy. thanks.

heres some links:

+ my interview with morgan freeman as IFC premieres hurricane streets tonight, on its 10 year anniversary
+ madonna is going to leave Warner Bros to have Live Nation (clear channel) be her label?
+ Wayne Gretzkey to have a garage sale
+ McDonalds to offer free wifi in uk restaurants
+ omg the hills is fake?
+ usually i dont like girls with makeup but im willing to make exceptions
+ fuck dont fuck the kids
+ what some dude thought about LA

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