interview with keira-anne of vancouver, bc, canada

Tony sez: Here I am with a Canadian girl with a hyphen. Will you please state your name.

Keira-Anne says: Keira-Anne


My real one or my pretend one?

It’s your world, baby.

20 and a bit.

Weight in kilos?

Ouuu I have no idea. I work in pounds…and in that case, 136.

Website URL.

Please explain your hyphen.

Well, my name really isn’t hyphenated. At least not on my birth certificate. I toyed with the idea of going by Keira-Anne for so long after always just being Keira. The hyphen just makes it work I guess.

Who designed your website?

Technically the skeleton was built by Blogger, but I tweaked it, made it pretty and personalized it. I wanted to make it sleek, simple and easy to read. By blogger, I mean – they’re still my site host.

Your site is really a Blogspot but you do some magic to make it look like its not?

Does my site look magical?

It doesn’t look like a Blogspot.

Not looking like a typical Blogspot site was my main goal.

Where did you learn your magical ways?

From the magic set I got for Christmas when I was 9. You should see what I can do with a card and a nail.

Is your MySpace all pretty too?

It was, but let’s be honest…MySpace is pretty 2006.

Aren’t Canadians supposed to be above trends and fads?

That’s a good question. I’d like to think so, but apparently not. MySpace died for everyone at the same time.

What’s the trendiest thing that you do nowadays?


Blogging is trendy?

I’ll be honest – it’s why I got into blogging in the first place a couple years ago. I knew nothing of blogging geekdom, but it’s turned from something I did just because into something that I really enjoy.

But I think people that started to blog because it was a trend have stopped blogging overall.

What pleasure do you get from it?

I’ve always loved to write and I’m a pretty expressive person. I love being able to do that in such an open way and I love being able to discuss things both with people I know and totally random people.

Sometimes I’ll get an e-mail from someone telling me they’ve found a bit of encouragement through something I shared on my blog. It’s cliché, but things like that give me the momentum I need to keep writing.

What does your boyfriend think of your blogging?

If I had a boyfriend, I’d hope he’d be supportive of it.

Oh I’m sorry, your girlfriend, what does she think of it?

Hahaha…you’re so cheeky, Tony. I’m into he’s, not she’s.

So you’re saying you’re a single girl?

That’s definitely what I’m saying.

How is that even possible? Is Vancouver that gay-friendly?

That’s a most excellent question Tony. Vancouver really is gay-friendly, and I live in the gayest of neighborhoods. Even our garbage cans and bus stops are painted pink. Maybe I need to move.

Do you drive to work?

Definitely not. I walk in sun, rain, wind and snow. Being conscious of this planet and how precious it is is really important to me. I’d be a total jackass to walk the 10 blocks to work everyday.

On your cute little girlie walk to work do dudes hit on you?

What constitutes as “hitting on?”

“Hey baby, yeah you, c’mere. Oh come on, baby, don’t be stuck up. Fine, how about your number – come one, just five digits? How about a little flash then? What about a smile? Are those real?”

Hahaha…I can honestly say that nothing of that sort has ever happened. The extent of it would include glances and that’s about it. I think I must send out unapproachable vibes or something.

Or I smell bad. That might be it too.

You don’t wear perfume?

I don’t smell bad. Sometimes I wear perfume.

What kind?

Lately it’s been L’Occitane’s vanilla balm – I’m crazy about that stuff! I’m also a sucker for Victoria’s Secret’s Love Spell. Now THAT’S magically babelicious.

If you catch a whiff of a hot babe who smells good, will you turn around and find out what she’s rockin’?

Nah…if I can smell her perfume from three or four feet away, she’s wearing too much in the first place.

You never find yourself closer than that with women?

Generally, no. But even so, I can’t ever remember asking a girl what she’s wearing.

So you’re not rubbing up against girls and you’re not dating dudes? Your mom must be very happy.

My mom’s a proud lady.

Doesn’t she want you squeezing out grandkids?

I know deep down she probably is. But I just got a new puppy so hopefully that’ll do the trick for her – for now at least.

Are you the oldest of her kiddies?

I sure am. I have a younger brother, but in many ways, he’s definitely my big brother.

When did he become your big bro?

I’d say it probably happened when I moved to Vancouver a little over three years ago. I think we finally just “got” each other and were able to respect that. He’s totally the guy I look up to more than any other guy and treats me with oodles of respect and integrity. I’m a lucky sister.

What had you overlooked in him while he was a teen?

I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that when he was graduating high school, I was already 20 so our realms were completely different. I also had a huge stick up my ass at the time, so that didn’t help things either.

How did the stick get yanked out?

In a nutshell, I stopped going to church and stopped living my life and making my decisions based on what other people expected of me.

Wait. One. Second.
You’re saying leaving the church helped you?

Don’t be mistaken though…I said “church” and not “faith.” Those are two totally different entities, and I’m talking about the church as an establishment here.

What did these people expect of you that you didn’t want to do?

They expected me to say the right things and do the right things and get married by 25 and basically be perfect. Oh and I wasn’t allowed to say that bad word…you know, s-e-x.

I’ve always been a pretty open-minded person when it comes to sex and sexuality and it’s a really interesting topic to discuss with people. I hated being muzzled for just being me.

Did your parents understand your problem with their church?

Absolutely. Oddly enough though, my family didn’t attend church with me – I started going on my own at 16.

Most people in my life that truly love me are now able to say how much I seem myself and how much my wings no longer seem “clipped.”

What inspired you to go to church by yourself at 16?

I had a lot of friends that were going to youth group once a week and it was just that adolescent desire to feel included.

Who are better kissers, church going boys or non-church going boys?

I like this question! But I won’t discriminate – I’ve had good experiences on both sides.

I’ve also had bad kisses on both sides.

Have you ever kissed a girl on church grounds?

I’ve kissed a girl on church camp grounds.

Don’t get too excited though – we did it for the boys because we were being teases.

Please elaborate, thank you.

All I remember is that there were about five of us in the hallway: me, Girl X and three boys. I can’t remember who dared us to kiss, but one of the guys wanted a picture. It was a total closed mouth kiss but I adjusted my head and she told me to “stop Frenching” her.

How old were you?

Probably 19 at the time.

You were at church camp at 19?

True story.

Was church camp as hot as I’m imagining it?

How are you imagining it?

Girls in plaid skirts in the woods getting their rosary beads tangled in the brambles. Kneehigh socks. Rosary necklaces. too-red lipsticks.

You really like the plaid skirts, don’t you? I saw some this weekend and almost picked one up.

I will say this about church camp: In my experiences, I’ve seen girl-on-girl kissing (obviously), skinny dipping, drunkenness, and major making out. Maybe more, but that’s about as scandalous as it ever got.

20-year-olds are majorly making out, away from home, in the summer, in Canada, and that’s as far as it got?

Does that disappoint you?

It’s just hard to believe. Especially since in my visits to Canada all I saw pretty much were goodlooking girls.

But this is Canadian church camp…not Wet Hot American Summer.

Ok, you were there how many summers?

Two full summers…once at 18 and once at 20, two months each summer.

So that’s one hot chick in church camp. Are you saying you were the only one?

Nah, there were definitely other hot chicks there.

Does talking about God all day stop the hormones from raging? Is that what you’re telling me?

It doesn’t stop the hormones from raging…I think it causes guilt for feeling the raging hormones.

So kids raging with hormones are forced to masturbate at church camp?

I guess so, but I never did.

No lying in the busblog interview!

I’m serious! It’s not something I felt good about doing until I was 19 or 20.

Ah ha but you said you went to church camp at 20.

This is true – I still never did that. We had dorm-style rooms.

The boys were doing it I’ll bet ya.

I wouldn’t doubt that for a second! I’m sure a lot of girls were too.

When was your last boyfriend?

Officially speaking as in brought home to mom and called my “boyfriend?” 18.

When did you contract the HIV virus?

Hahaha…I like to think of it as Carrie Bradshaw-itis. Either I pick wieners or wieners pick me.

Do you not put out on the first date or something?

The soonest I’ve put out was the third. Is that pushing it?

It all depends. You kissed him on the first date at least.

Oh for sure.

And grabbed his ass when you kissed him, right?

Some guys actually don’t like that…

This is all baffling to me… What’s the catch?

With what?

You seem nice, you’re not bad looking.

I like to think so.

You’re a little over weight but it’s Canada.


Just kidding… You’re really picky?

I can take it.

Hmmm…I’d like to think that I’m not but maybe I am? I’ve never been one to be into a certain look with men. What gets me is their mannerisms. So without a certain look that I go for, am I capable of being picky?

Their mannerisms ruin it for them?

“Ruin” sounds like such a harsh word.

Well are you saying that if you met a guy like LL Cool J and you were all yeah… But then you noticed that he licks his lips a lot. You’d be all, “nah.”

I don’t know…if he looked adorable doing it, why not?

Have any dudes that you dated during these last few years asked you to be their girlfriend?


Why do you think that is?

I’m really not sure, to be honest with you.

What’s your guess?

Bad timing, wrong circumstances? Sometimes, in my experience, guys just aren’t capable of or aren’t willing to buck up either.

What was the longest you were with someone?

About a year and a half…about two years ago.

How is that not a boyfriend?

Well, to me he seemed like it but in retrospect he wasn’t. I know I wasn’t the only girl.

Oooooh ahhh ok. Did you subtly compete with her?

Oh there was more than one other girl, I’m quite sure. I think I just lived in oblivion.

If this fellow asked you to dress as a cheerleader and twirl around on his coffee table, would you have done it?

I have an adventurous spirit – that sounds like a lot of fun actually…

Did he ever ask you to do anything like that?

Hmmm…nope. Too bad, hey?

Did this chap know that you would have liked to have done something like that?

Probably…but it doesn’t really matter now anyways. I’d rather dress up like a cheerleader for someone rad anyways!

On what date would you dress up and twirl for a dude?

I won’t say the first because a girl’s gotta have a bit of mystery. But really, why put a timeline on something like that? If I’m into you and have fun with you and feel real with you, then I’m going to dress up like a cheerleader if it’s what you want. Why not?

Too many people ask “why?” when they should be asking “why not?”

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all photos by keira-anne except the one from her Maxim spread