blogging night in canada

tony pierce with raymi the minx

the whole time i was thinking, if she only saw me naked, shed be mine.

no not raymi. someone else.

raymis seen me naked plenty of times.

so ive got larengitus yesterday due to the fires in LA and people were looking at me like i as lying. but i have a very sensitve nose and throat. i should be a wine expert. but if i was in a house and people are smoking cigarretes by the pool, i will be able to tell. i feel for my kids.

so somehow those wild fires created so much smoke that when i drove through it on the way to palm springs i was super effected. then when i drove home i put a shirt over my nose and i breathed through that but viola once i hit canada and had a few beers and took a drag off this dudes blunt my throat closed up and it has only now started opening up and here we are at 845pm and karaoke starts at 9:30pm

because im the only american in the hizzy i seriously do need to represent, and in a major way because raymi is pretty good. the nice thing is pitt wont be there and last year he stole the show with an incredible version of the marvin gaye classic whats goin on.

today most of us recouperated from last night, then it became hockey night in canada and now its about to be the 3rd period so its shower time and hey whats this joint doing in my pocket time.

do i love you? yes. do i love canada a little bit more. hell yes. even the bad chinese food tastes good. its like beginners heaven. you cant fly or anything, but everything works out.

for example one of the people who greeted me very nicely as i arrived to the library bar across the street from the horrible bond hotel was a young lady with leg warmers who insisted on twisting my nipples.

i said, you know what they say about girls who twist dudes nipples

and she said, they need to get spanked?

someone said that shes a stripper someone said that she followed up on her dare and flashed matt during the first encore.

either way if she saw me naked i bet shed rather be karoaking.

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