bye to

im learning it doesnt take much to impress me.

pretty much all you have to do is be nice.

people here in canada are so nice. so so so nice. we took a cab the other day and the cab driver was trying to be mean by yelling at campus cops and telling us dirty jokes but because hes canadian everything came out as funny if not hilarious.

if i told you about the dream this weekend was youd never believe it so lets just say that it started off with duane telling me to try to the Westin Habour Castle for about $90, and lo and wtf i got a nice room with a flat screen and two queen beds for $91 and it overlooks lake ontario.

last night me and raymi and fil had a great three course meal at this Cajun place called southern accents or something. it was very nice to spend time with just the two of them as they are awesome and together we have a secret plan to take over the world

so stay tuned on that one.

before that i got to meet up with carrie and courtney at a Zine festival. very very cool to see both of them and i couldnta picked a better spot to meet since it was held in the bar of an old hotel and there were gothy hipster chicks everywhere scooping up handmade zines and other amateur art. awesome.

my man dan gave me some weed when i first arrived then later showed up with a pipe. sadly this morning i heard a terrible crash in my bathroom and the young lady who had been nice enough to not to choose the empty second bed the night before said shit shit shit but i said its ok baby i have some zig zags and we had a worst joint rolling contest and guess what

nobody lost.

cant lose in canada.

even if you lose yr voice.


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