dear mom

see the blonde girl, the pro photographer. ok, see the security guy, now just to the right of him you have anti, right under the jumper’s shin, taking pictures for LAist.

so close to the stage hes getting jumped over.

neither of our blogs got us that sorta access.

i believe that picture was taken by the cobrasnake.

either him or big tanky.

its 531am i fucked up and fell asleep while i was watching caveman and now im awake and i dont wanna work and i dont wanna go to sleep but soon the sun is gonna start peeking through the mexican blankets that act as my curtains which means end of the funtimes.

i have my hoodie hood up and on, im staring at five mostly empty cans of cola coke diet dr pepper coke diet dr pepper and diet dr pepper.

they showed 49 Up on pbs tonight and i found out about it just as it was ending and dumb pbs doesnt have any reruns or anything scheduled and i love that series so much. today i went to the electric company to pay my electric bill.

and whats interesting about my pants are they tell me exactly how much i weigh. if im not eating right like the times that some of those sodas are regular cokes, and not all diet, or all water, my pants will unsnap as i get out of the car.

today they unsnapped as i was on my way to pay my bill. but because i had my pajama bottoms still on i didnt sweat it but i looked might suspicious to the security guard in the small office as i clutched the front of my pants with one hand and sported a hoodie with the hood on on a beautiful day in la.

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