its 221am friday morn

i have to be out of my house by 7am so chickie can drive me to the aeroport so that i can fly to toronto in time to get picked up by general pitt and then hustled to the mmmm good show and then to the christie st hotness’s halloween bash and then maybe at some point to my luxury hotel on lake ontario.

saturday i believe theres a raymioke followed by skinnydippingroake at the beaches

sunday we pray all morning, as is the custom up there. followed by drinks at noon at the drunk girl comics bash at the gladstone castle with courtney and carrie. then i come back home to the us, ready to finish up 07 strong.

these last few days i was in palm springs with my fam and it was so smoky driving through the hills that im still sneezing which makes me feel very bad for anyone who is in the IE who has had to breathe in that junk for days now.

palm springs is known for its 360 days of sunshine and yet the smoke and haze made it feel like a storm was coming. however the moon was a bright halloween orange as we ate dinner outside and contemplated night golfing.

america i love you but im gonna have to cheat on you this weekend.

and even though i know that poutine is best served in mtl, now that ive had it in bc i need to try it in the gta

im also very excited to finally meet krista and christie and hang out again with raymi fil pitt and duane and chad all the others

i only wish i had a good halloween costume

maybe a stewardess can loan me an extra

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