ive never been a big fan of cub closer ryan dempster

but this little tale that they told on Deadspin today gave him some points on my scorecard having fun with the kids in the stands by revealing that his fantasy team is called The Taints, etc

The entire bleacher section cracked up. What was really funny was what came next, when Christine (the lady in the picture) asked Dempster for the ball he was long tossing with. After she first asked, his response was something along the lines of “what am I going to long toss with if I give you this ball?” After Christine pleaded for the ball again (in that semi-annoying way only girls can pull off), Dempster responded back “I’ll give you the ball if you take your top off.” By now the entire bleacher section was rolling over itself, a few beers deep and chanting “Take it off” in support of Dempster’s response. Christine, now embarrassed said that her boyfriend was her and that he wouldn’t like that, or something to that effect. Dempster, in an act of kindness and to stop the crowd from chanting at this poor girl to take off her clothes, then gave Christine the ball and went about his warming up business.

the entire tale is here and its good

including one of the commentors who says, “Yet another situation in which Ryan Demspter failed to close the deal.”

go cubbies

i made fun of santa monica in a story called ficus? ficyou! + i helped van halen sellout + im going to this tomorrow

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