my highschool was packed with hot italian girls

but the hottest girl i just ignored cuz there was just no way.

plus she wasnt even italian.

somehow i became friends with her. which i ignored too. dreams should just stay dreams and clearly i was dreaming.

but there she was talking to me trying to tell me about led zeppelin

and there we were eating lunch together and writing notes, etc.

i had zep 1 and zep 2 exactly when i should have, but only because of this total babe whose favorite song was the immigrant song saying get with it tone

but its one of those things like really nice warm days in the fall, you appreciate it but you know its a freak occurrence. you dont deserve it. it wont be there tomorrow. youre lucky to even have it for this second.

one day she told me that she was gonna break up with this dude and she wondered who she should go out with next. at the time i played shortstop and my bro was this third baseman who was very nice and he worked out like crazy in the gym giving him this rock of a body. i was all, you should go out with him.

few years later they got married. awwww.

but before all that, however not soon after i said you should date bro, we were all about to graduate high school. and i was about to move here to LA. and everyone was all, how much longer after graduation are you gonna be here for? and i said

zero days.

and some people were sad and some people were all, hey tony we never went on a date before lets go on one before you move to california. and guess who said that to me, and guess who omg kissed me after we saw sixteen candles

best kiss i ever had in high school thats for sure.

and guess who just emailed me saying she just got divorced and reads the busblog.

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