our goal at LAist this month was 1 million pageviews

which is about 4x as much
as the most popular LA Times blog – it looks like we are gonna hit it, thanks to my mighty staff

thanks chad for this pic

above, a photo taken by matt good in the middle of his show at massey hall
below, some of the posts i wrote in october 2007

Ron Paul gets on Leno so News Service tries to poo-poo it
And on the 4th Day Bush Flies to Southern California, Hugs White People, Leaves After 4 Hours
Why You Shouldn’t Buy Your Custom Cake at Wal*Mart
LA Times digs up the 7 Signs that Dumbledore Is Gay
Matt Drudge Seems to Enjoy our Fires
Irvine Company, Paciolan, Makes a (bad) Name for Itself
Will Rocket Be The Next Great American Band?
Best Band in Rock Comes to LA for Three Nights
Seinfeld Sez Scientology Helped Him Control Audiences
Comcast Hates The Bible & Filesharing & They Lie?
Cops Get Off for Hanging Quadriplegic Man, City Pays
No Minorities at the New Fox Hills Mall of the Future
Dear LAist, Where Can I Get a Ms. Pac Boob Outfit?
Steve-O Gets PETA OK to get naked despite “Wildboyz”
LA, You’ve Won Over Another One
David Gonzales Explains the Problem with Mini Pigs
Here’s Johnny: The Best of the Johnny Cash TV Show
Did J.K. Rowling Try To Show Her Hogwarts to Kids Yesterday at the Kodak Theatre?
The Most Dangerous Position in Football Remains To Be The Box Cover of the Madden Game
Why There’s Rarely Any Good Shows on the Westside
The White Stripes Go Lomo
LAist Interview: Morgan J. Freeman
The Kids Aren’t All Right
Sorry Craigslisters “Who Don’t Belong in Orange County”, Yr Irvine Brothel Got Busted
Interview with Molly Prather: THAT Girl
Ron Paul Wins Michigan Debate
Fred Thompson Gets His Close-Up
Late Night Eats: El Gran Burrito aka Midnight Tacos
Writers Strike Could Kill The Bionic Woman
Trent Reznor Says Goodbye to Record Labels, Record Labels Say Terance Trent Who?
The Real Problem With The Detour Festival
Just Cancer
Van Halen Should Have Nerf Herder Open For Them
CD Review: Kurt Cobain About a Son
Ficus? Ficyou! Emergency Meeting to Save Doomed Santa Monica Trees
Sherrifs Department May Have Arrested You or Towed Your Car Because They Were Playing A Game
The DWP is Daring You to Stop It
50 Foot Sinkhole in La Jolla Swallows One Home
What Have They Done to the Larchmont Lizard?
No Love For The Rice Bowl
But He Was Out – Why Baseball Needs Replay
Dave Navarro Interviews Kids Buying Halo 3
Pajamas Media Hates Free Elections
Guy Hiking with a Guy with a Sword ends up in Hospital

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