when so much depends on a guy named rich hill

youre fucked.

next season will be the 100th anniversary of the last time the cubs won the world series.

pressure much?

if i was the cubs GM i would go to all the good free agents this winter and id offer the best ones $3 million, one-year contracts. id say, this year you could get $10-$15 somewhere else for multi years, or you could just do one year with the Cubs

the year we will win it all.

because of you.

and fans for once wouldnt be able to bitch at players for only doing it for the money and fans for once would have a team of players who seriously Just wanted to win, and fans for once would root for a team every day.

rich hill isnt bad, hes just young. same with marmol. those guys will be better next year. as will kerry wood, and mark prior might even be back they say. and lilly and that other guy.

but if they go for the one year contract scam we could fill in those gaps. and win one for the old people who are about to die.

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