a year ago last week i was driving around the country

except i was in a different country than america a year ago last week. i was in beautiful toronto. and i met the supermodel missc who i was very nervous to meet.

and what was funny about that night was earlier in the evening another very pretty girl said tony pierce tony pierce and hugged me and she was one of those people who think its ok to just hold your hand. and she was cute and id read her blog before and i was drunk so i letter hold my hand.

and she was all omg i cant believe youre here in canada eh and i was all omg youre way hotter in person. and one thing led to another and she was showing me her bush, or lack there of, outside the bar that we were all drinking at.

and i was all wowee baby. lets get a room. and she was all silly i gotta man. and the whole time she kept holding my hand. i was very confused and then a joint appeared and we shared it and she said ok i gotta go home to him.

and then missc showed up and i was all humina humina. and sometimes a very different tony pierce shows up and says step aside stoned drunky, im gonna take it from here, and sometimes hes a total dumbshit and sometimes hes right on the money and that particular night he was totally right on the money but missc had to keep looking over her shoulder because she also had a man

except her man did not want to come into the place where we were drinking, he just wanted to stand by the door and stare at her and freak her out and make her feel uncomfortable meeting me for the first time and in retrospect that was probably fine because girlfriend is fine.

the other day she did the thing that JaG did and here it is. and im very happy that she has a fireplace. youd think those things would be standard in every canadian igloo.

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