four years ago this week tsar played at the silverlake lounge

time flies so fast which is why i write as fast as i can because theres so much to get out.

its 12:05am i was drinking with tomdog and dvl and skampy and mouthy and several others and it was nice to be drinking in venice. and it was sorta a nice place, nikkis so obviously i couldnt find the place

even though it was two blocks from my first apartment ever.

later i got three fish tacos at campos and learned spanish from the fellas.

tried to at least

theres no good translation for asswipe.

pendecko or bendecko seemed to be the consensus but neither of the gentlemen felt very good about it.

do you know why i hate the writers strike?

because theres no bill maher show. love that one.

i got my Format Live at the Mayan dvd in the mail and i danced around like the biggest dork you ever saw.

but because im the super biggest dork of all, i was actually at the show and i asked my companion of she wanted to leave early cuz she had never seen em before and she said really? half way through? and i said, i just paid for the dvd, they’re taping it for us.

and we left and it was super cool to watch what we missed. ha!

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