how to boost the wifi in your house with some pop cans

dont say i dont show you shit.

i fuckin show you all the shit.

the good shit.

i took my sitemeter down a few months ago, which is sorta freeing. cuz this site was never about the hits. it was always about the love. and since im so full of love right now and the wheelbarrows of cash continue to roll to my doorway, i realized i didnt need to have my blog ad strip up any more and i didnt need sitemeter.

all i need is you.

no matter if its 1 of you or 1 million and 1.

when i was a kid i wrote in spiral notebooks, or wrote little notes to my friends. when i grew up i wrote on AOL message boards, and then made websites. none of it was for money, only love. a naive melody, i know, but you cant forget to dance with who brung ya and idealism and honesty and punk rock sensibilities got me here so here we are back again, just you, me, and this thing called love.

lately my main computer has been under the weather so ive been laptopping it from my couch and whats funny is today i didnt even turn on the tv. so there was no music, no tv, nothing, just non stop writing and editing and emailing and phone calling. and here it is almost 2am and i dont wanna stop.

i am a fireplug filled with blogging juice and im spewing everything ive got straight into the sky.

one thing i have to tell you is this – when you are in a groove keep it up. walk to Subway to get a Jarred special and then run home because every now and then the shit clogs up and youve got nothing to say but when its flowing like it is now let it out.

i heart you all, even the girls with the little miniskirts in the cold.


ps i have Never been more proud to be a Gaucho

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