my review of raymi’s marketable depression

lauren white, or as i like to call her at all times, raymi the minx came out with a blook called marketable depression way back in 2005.

as fates would have it, i didnt get my autographed copy “tony pierce, suck my dick, xo, Love, Lauren” until last month up in toronto at blogslayerstock.

at a breezy 79 pages, i was able to read the entire book on the plane between TO and LA and i gotta say, i was pleasantly surprised by how well raymi comes across in book form, and how funny the book is.

in it we learn some things about our girl that sorta connect the dots from her blog. we learn about her drug dealing boyfriends, about her time stripping for an online website, and the time she came to LA and ended up in the mental ward.

so many stories, so many jokes, so many ways of explaining to you how awesome she is. crazy thing is, after a while you sorta agree with her. a chick that drunk, that reckless, and that insecure has got to be dead by 22, but no, shes completely on fire and punk rock and girlie and up in ur blogz making u look at her ladyparts.

shes so honest you want to coach her out of saying the things she says in here. she admits several times that she has nothing to say, but she does. and in those rare moments when she doesnt, she can say it in a way thats interesting in itself.

she can do no wrong.

i hope she writes another book very soon because the good news is theres lots of stories in marketable depression but the better news is very few of the stories have solid endings so there are clearly more tales to be told.

by the way there are two more days to vote for her, which you should, here

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