two years ago today i was in canada for the first time ever

basically i was discovering canada. they should celebrate this day in canada and erect statues of me.

mr matt good had invited me up to take pics of his two shows at the commodore in vancity. for some reason i thought he had a spare room, but no i was on the couch, which was fine with me, especially when the lil doggies jumped on me in the morning to wake me.

i took pics of the show and it was fun and some people recognized me from matts blog or my blog (blogspotted as raymi says) and i met peeps whose blogs i enjoyed. but the best was when this super cute teen was all, youre not really tony pierce. which is quite a pickup line lemme tell you.

i kept snapping pics because thats what i was at the concert to do and halfway through i saw the teen again making out with mr ben allbright and she said hey thats the guy claiming to be tony pierce. and ben said, ashley id like to introduce you to tony pierce. and she let go of ben and walked to me, and her friend took her place making out with ben and she pretty much made it known that i could be the lucky man kissing her.

but for some reason i was all hmmm, hi canada, but sorry there are only a few songs left and i gotta take pics.

later ben found out the hard way that ashleys friend was the younger sister of one of the bartenders, and underage, and when the ladies invited me to bens motel i could only remember matts couch and how i wasnt the rockstar, i hadnt flown up there to defile canada, i was there as a guest and i should act with respect.

biggest regret of my life.

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