the dream continues

so far ive worked at my new job for several days now.
everyone ive met have been really smart AND really nice.

today after work me and this dude met with my former news editor and these two babes at seven grand and we drank and it was beautiful.

its hard to believe that i have been in jobs where people totally disrespected be when here at this totally powerful place filled with damn geniuses they treat me like not just an equal but as an omg person.

so i guess my advice is, if people are dissing you at your workplace get out as fast as you can because there is a place for you somewhere else, and they might even give you an office and let you come in after 10am and not even blink.

they might even give you pizza and salad during a lunch meeting. and candy.

today i even wore sneakers and noone said shit.

at the seven grand a girl in a plaid skirt asked me what i wanted to drink and i said a beer and she said what kind i said stella she said how about a blahblah and i said baby anything you want me to drink i will drink looking like that and she said ha

and on our walk back to the office only 5 different homeless people asked me for spare change.

congrats LAist for breaking a million pageviews in just 19 days. i heart you all!

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