from a busblog blog post

on January 2, 2007

…my job is to make the trend on the graph continue to soar at ridiculous angles for LAist.

my hobby on the busblog is to write whatever the fuck i want to write whenever i feel like it doesnt get in the way of my job.

in the comments a few weeks ago someone asked in this blog what i was trying to prove over at LAist and why couldnt i spend a little more time writing the busblog and less time concerned about LAist. and it was a good question despite coming from one of our quasi competitors.

the only thing im trying to prove at LAist is that mr snoecks passion and robyn bells trust was not wasted on me. and im proving that the daily nexus never loses.

if i lose some of you as readers so be it, this blog has never ever tried to get the most readers. if i lose some ad dollars in the long run so be it i never wanted ads on here in the first place. and if i miss out on some hot babes because im spending too much time on the j.o.b. so be it theres so many hot babes in la that the only single men who arent getting any are the ones who arent asking for the sale.

and let me be the first to tell you that if you write a good enough blog you dont even have to ask for it half the time.

my resolutions for 2008? a similar ridiculous upward trend for the LA Times’ blogs (a feat that i believe will be easier than what i did at LAist)…

two LA Times blogs in the Technorati Top 500, right now we dont even have one in the Top 2000.

and four LA Times blogs in the Technorati Top 1000.

and i bet you there will be a return of traffic to the busblog in a manner that my bosses will be happy and comfortable with, if not stoked.

2007 was the year of the sellout, 2008 will be the year of the comeback.

and the busblog will remain ad-free, as God intended. the only exception will be ads for non profits.

and i will go back to linking more often. for example today on LAist Bob Thompson interviewed Buzz from the Melvins and he disses the Beastie Boys.

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