hi Christmas Eve

funny that you and i would meet each other here at LAX.

funny no one text messages you when yr plane gets canceled.

all the technology in the world and yet after you valey your hooptie at the Wally Park and give the van driver an extra fiver to floor it, you get greeted by the automatic ticket machine that says hi your shit is totally canceled! why couldnt my iphone be the one who told me?

so my plane was canceled and the machine said hi heres another plane in two hours. no biggie. but then it said hi heres a middle seat. which was a biggie cuz im flying to chicago. then it said hi if you want six more inches its $44 and you can have a window seat.

now ask a man if he can have an extra six inches and we will say hell to the yes regardless of the price. but im a principled man. they had just canceled me shit and were gonna charge me $44 for the convenience?

so i told the dude behind the deal wtf and he said, be happy they coulda put you on the midnight flight.

no smile, no concern, no nice united style.

so i said fine, heres my money

but then the computer said hi we’re sold out. enjoy the middle seat sucker.

as i waited at the gate i walked all the way to the international gate and asked the bro if he could help a brotha out on christmas eve

he said how about a window seat in the exit row?

and tick tock the Christmas Miracles dont stop.

pictured, a paris hilton wanna be lady who was not at all pleased with anything.

ps Christie has been an angel on gchat. and raymi put a black penis on her penis tree to represent the busblog. and look my flights boarding. laters!

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