i will get to your questions in a few hours

but first pix from the party

my boss at LAist had two, and only two rules for me for doing my job

1. get more hits than everyone without getting sued
2. drink with the contributers every month

as our staff grew i decided to move the drinkfests from local bars to our homes so that we could have better conversations (i hate shouting), allow those with kids to bring their lil angels, and so we could party all night long if we wanted.

turned out we also ended up spending less money on the deals which meant we could get better food, better booze, and enjoy better overall parties.

yesterday we had our last LAist bbq with me as the head honcho, so i wore my pajamas to celebrate the fact that i will have to wear far more uncomfortable clothes in a few weeks.

thanks Andy for hosting, bbqing, and providing such a great place to party – and for taking the pics above!

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