im about to hear barack obama speak

a black man who’s winning in some of the polls as he runs for president of the united states.

in california just like in the rest of the world, anything can happen, so have your suit ready.

if you are really being you, and not selling out, and not pretending, and not saying the things that you think people want to hear, you might be pleasantly surprised with what people say in return.

i go to enough rock shows to know that the kids dont wanna hear what the last guy said. they dont wanna see what they saw last week.

they wanna see you.

so have your dress shoes ready and have your black socks in em and waiting.

i dance with enough pretty girls and hear their tales and time after time i hear the same mistakes that men and boys of all ages make.

women wanna dance with a man. they dont want boys.

men wanna be inspired by men. so have the courage to be who you are, fellas. warts and all.

and have your tie ready to rock.

people read the comments that i get on LAist and the ones i used to get on here and they ask me how does it feel to get called an asshole or a dick or this or that and they ask how i developed my thick skin.

and i say its better not to have any skin at all, because if they prick you then you will bleed.

dont have any skin and it will go right through you.

be like the dudes in bodyworlds. let strangers stare at you and be grossed out or inspired or whatever. but have your top hat ready cuz the time might come when you have to hit the stage to tell your tale.

and youre gonna wanna represent.

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