my mom says im not being fair to the worlds busiest airport

because she saw me take pics of the beautiful snowfall as we were driving

indeed here is her email

Hi Tony. Why don’t you put up some of those beautiful pictures of the snow you took on the way to the airport?? Then people will see that it really did snow!!!! Biased reporting if you ask me.

You left your sunglasses here. Look for a cheap pair.


so heres the townhouse development that i grew up in

heres the house i grew up in

heres where used to be a playground that apparently the association could no longer maintain

i invented an odd baseball game involving a neighbors wall. odd because the goal was to bounce the ball over the wall for a “homer”. odd because the neighbor never gave us back our balls.

its good to see the puke green is still being forced on this row of homes

this is where my sister moved to right up the hill from where we grew up, but then bailed

this place only used to sell corvettes, but now SUVs are more in fashion i guess

this is what it looks like near my old highschool

you never dont know what village or township or city youre in – plenty of signage

in the land of obama, i saw zero signs, but many for the congressman from texas

still thats only 1 inch of white stuff. maybe two if yr lucky. and yet my plane is delayed two hours. bah humbug!

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