to say that ive been getting a lot of email lately

would be an understatement

and phone calls, and text messages, and handshakes and hugs

but the last thing i thought id get is the cold shoulder from

The Most Deceptive Sign in Los Angeles

but life is worth living for the surprises in life.

check out my exclusive interview right here.

while i conducted that i thought back at how i planned on interviewing more inanimate objects when i first got hired at LAist, and even though my bosses gave me total free reign, i didnt do it for some reason.

which taught me that oftentimes the plans that you make before you get in the drivers seat isnt what actually happens once you dive in and find yourself in traffic.

maybe if i get a chance to catch my breath some time soon i will transcribe the long list of ideas i had for LAist the weekend that i got hired, went to Vegas, and brainstormed poolside at the Hooters Hotel.

best laid plans, and all.

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