69% of busblog ghostwriters agree with the Fuck You, Frank theory

and by the way, MSNBC’s comment moderators went back to letting people leave comments on the “Ron Paul didn’t win the ABC News/ Facebook Poll“, but the website refused to change the headline that is clearly wrong.

one more bit of fact, in order to vote on that poll you had to be a Facebook member. a feat that isn’t easy to do. you need a unique email address, and it has to be verified. Facebook is so strict about who has an account that they recently booted one of the world’s most powerful bloggers, former Microsoft honcho, Robert Scoble.

thus the Facebook poll, although flawed, since its a fuckyoufrank poll, is probably more accurate – or less bullshitty – than most of the other fuckyoufranks out there.

also if youre a Facebook user, you might enjoy finding out who, exactly, are the facebookers who approve of congressman paul’s message. (66,000+ facebookers support RP, #2 is Huckabee at half that number) you might be surprised that theyre not as young as the MSM paints them out as being (40% – the highest majority are 49 years old or older; #2 biggest group are between 25-34), and in Arkansas, Huckabee still gets more votes. which proves, to me, at least, that there arent any shenanigans going on, outside of MSNBC’s troubling reporting.

today the NYT gave Charles Gibson a hard time for being laissez faire in his “moderation” especially when Rudy St. 9/11 et al gave Dr Paul the business when he was trying to state his opinion.

and finally the kids over at Metafilter, have an interesting discussion comparing paul to Lyndon LaRouche – which doesnt end as badly as youd expect. But it does have its moments – for both the pro- and anti-Paulites. which is why i heart the blue.

if the MSM hates Ron Paul so much,

they should just come out and say so

last night was the abc news / facebook debates. they werent bad.

and just like after every debate people had the chance to “vote” for who they thought won.

and just like after every debate, ron paul won.

and just like after every poll, the MSM tried to poo-poo the tally.

MSNBC did something interesting. they just flat out IGNORED the winner of the poll that they chose to comment on.

completely fascinating.

and tell me that this doesnt influence prospective voters out there away from Actually voting for Ron Paul because it might make some think that a) theres something wrong with RP – otherwise why would every single news broadcast diss him so hard – b) if you vote for the congressman, even in a bullshit online poll Your Vote Doesn’t Matter c) people who vote online for Mr. Paul are obviously big huge cheaters and part of some nefarious cabal.

MSNBC, if you dont trust the poll, why report on any part of it?

the good news is, the comments on the poll page are priceless.

Speaking of the comments, what is also interesting is that MSNBC stopped approving comments for the post before 11pm and the thread only shows 12 comments. However in a post about Romney (that followed the “poll”) the comments reached 96, with the moderator approving comments thru midnight.

More proof that MSNBC couldnt care less about Mr. Paul, his supporters, how they voted on Facebook, or what they had to say in the comments.

Looks like Fox doesn’t hold the monopoly on Fair and Balanced.