today is moxie von foxy’s birthday

today she turns 25. i know. freaky.

not your typical rightwing blogger, moxie refused to be part of the pajamas media clusterfuck, outwardly talks shit about the tennessee professor, and occasionally finds herself giving out her phone number to african americans (pictured).

i first met moxie at super producer brian linse’s historic LA blog party way back in ’02. pretty much everyone who mattered was there: doc searls, matt and emmanuelle, ben sullivan, eric and dawn olsen, bill quick the man who invented the word blogosphere, greg vaine, mickey kaus, and even charles johnson of little green footballs.

it was clearly a moment out of Quadraphenia because we were innocents talking in a shower, not yet realizing that some of us were mods and others were rockers. thus we all got along. and now some of us are pretending that we hate each other depending on whether we think the current president is the worst ever or otherwise.

mox and i have always kept politics out of it which is why we have stayed friends all this time. usually she just smiles and i just undress her with my eyes. simple.

most recently we could be heard on her nowlive radio show, MoxVox, but because (for some reason) she let her sorta boyfriend and her parents know that she was on the radio, i was instructed not to talk about sex drugs and rock. the trinity for good radio. thus i went my own way and she hers. but trust me i watched her walk out and told her how well she was moving that assssss.

’07 wasnt particularly kind to our girl. two of her closest friends passed away: cathy seipp, and her constant companion, the feline Bentley.

i believe she also got rid of her Porsche. damn shame.

what i love about the photo above is it captures the moment when, minutes after we met, she began telling me her phone number.

i love that we both seem very happy about it all.

happy birthday baby. i hope you have your go go boots on.

ron paul on wolf blitzer on friday answering the charges of racism

basically he says he didnt write the racist statements, repudiates them, and is the only candidate who wants to free those in jail (60% of whom are Minorities) who are there for non-violent drug charges. and he wants to stop policing the world.

sorta sounds like what i talked about in the comments the other day.

is Ron Paul the most eloquent man? hells no.

does he care more about Black people than any of the other candidates?

ironically, on paper, it sure looks that way.