raymi just did the “26 things i am not grateful for using the alphabet”

but since we are far more positive here in the States i will do the 26 things im omg totally grateful for. ahem.

AC/DC’s Plug Me In – one of the last freebies that i got at LAist was the box set of AC/DC’s live video collection. It was a two-disc jobbie with one being Bon Scott in various locales singing his little heart out, and the other disc highlighting Brian Johnson’s memorable performances. Of course Angus steals the show, but the quality on even the 70s vids is excellent and its neat to watch them turn into freaking monsters

Blogging continues to be way more than a hobby for me. Not only has it gotten me wine women and song, but now it’s paying for my expensive habits: drive thru delectables, 89 octane fuel, and magazine subscriptions up the ying yang. Thank you Ev and Al Gore for inventing all of this.

The Cubs are building a decent team, and they didnt fuck up and give away Sean Marshall for Brian Roberts, which makes me happy, cuz we need pitching way more than doped up infielders. We already have DeRosa and the Riot!

Drudge, cuz he links to the LA Times blogs occassionally. which makes everyone else link to us. which makes me feel as happy as a little girl… who just got a unicorn for kwanzaa.

emails from pretty girls. the only reason i do any of this.

friends – i have the greatest ones. have i told you this? and they keep coming. the list grows longer. we all help each other out. we all love each other. its sick. but it takes a village to keep idiots like me on the straight and narrow. (pictured Jeff Solomon, right)

g4tv went to vegas and all they brought back was a two hour special on CES and another two hour special on the Adult Expo. sadly it wasnt recorded in HD so it looks like crap on my new…

HDTV from Sony = tv porn. its the reason you should not have a car payment for years and years and years. so you can save up and blow it all on an after christmas sale. then pay the few extra bucks for the directv man to install it on your wall… of your bedroom. cuz youre a bachelor whose sick of falling asleep on the couch watching keith olberman.

I can has Rezearch Papar – genius and brilliance at a level that most people would not even begin to comprehend. Which is why i love all of you, cuz you do get it.

japanese girls who play in ska bands.

kurt cobain is still my american idol

la times is still my employer. sorry suckers who thought id be fired in the first month

my lunch hours at work are pretty amazing. either they are spent blogging to you, like right now. or they are involved in heavy duty lunch meetings with the movers and shakers of the blog world. our cafeteria here at the times is great. everyone says i will be over it in a few months but right now im eating salmon. the other day tofu steak. the day before that some trout wrapped in mermaid hair seasoned with the tears of orphans. all for under $10 out the door!

no work on the weekends. this might be something that i never thought would be possible. at LAist i worked pretty much every day for a year and a half. so im very grateful for this cuz now i have my weekends back. to do what exactly? wack off? clean the house? get fat(ter)? chase girls? do laundry? yes to all.

ooooooooooooo i cant believe i forgot to be grateful for my iPhone in i! and steve jobs. and fake steve jobs.

phil jackson is someone who anyone in LA should be grateful for. he basically played chicken with Kobe a year ago when Kobe said he wanted to be traded because he was being surrounded with second teamers. Phil said blow me. he said it in a zen way. but he didnt force Mitch Kupcheck to trade away the future for the past. he didnt give up Andrew Bynam for Jermaine O’Neal or KG. and even though Drew has a twisted kneecap (ouch ouch ouch!) the Lake Show is one of the top three teams in the league AND they didnt have to pay for it. AND they have a center for the future AND present. and Kobe was proved wrong. Again. so thanks phil for proving you deserve to be paid $$$ while banging the bosses daughter while telling the best player in the game that hes just a dumb negro who should just worry about putting the ball in the hole.

queen’s bohemian rhapsody was always one of my favorite songs, but after hearing alison sing it two weeks ago on new years eve (why does it seem so much longer ago than that), its a tune i play in the shower every morning and i love it that much more. oh mama mia.

ray rayner was my childhood idol growing up. he had a kids show on wgn when i was a wee lil tot. hes still my tv idol. because the LA Times is owned by the Tribune Corp (or we own them or i own them or something) we have access to WGN assets. so once i find out who has access to ray rayner stuff, look out. it will probably find its way on the busblog.

sushi. every hot chick i know loves it. every hot chick i know wants more of it. therefore no hot chick ive ever met will refuse a sushi date. thus thank you again japan.

tonypierce.net is now in the hands of duane storey. thus me. thus you eventually, so get ready.

underwear. im 101 years old. with my next pay check im gonna throw away all of my underwear that more than 10 years old. of which there are ALOT – and yes that includes the boxers that are more than 20 years old of which i dont even wanna acknowlege – and get new ones. so get ready sushi daters.

very naked girls. i used to belong to a swanky gym on wilshire. thus my 18 inch pythons. while i was there i noticed that there were some gentlemen in the locker room who would have these I Can Get More Naked Than You competitions. not only would they be totally nude and NO TOWEL anywhere, except maybe draped over their shoulder. but they would wax all the hair off their bodies. that image has been burned into my memory banks. recently i have met some very naked girls who have tried to help me either delete those old memories or create new ones. we’re about 60% there. but more therapy is necessary. and i am grateful for them for being patient with me.

while im grateful that matt good will be performing two shows in California in March, why did he have to book them during the time that i will be at sxsw?

x is a drug i havent done in a very long time. i hear theres a super x out there, but because im old that scares me. i think the older you get the less likely you are about doing things that might make you not just die, but die while trying to do things that you shoulda known better about when you were young. for the record im not the least afraid of dying, i just dont wanna embarrass my mother. she is the person i am most grateful for.

yes i did sorta cheat on that last one. y not?

zoos with fences big enough so that the lions wont jump out of them. unlike the one in frisco.

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