hi america

hi canada. hi ships at sea.

hi cheesecake factory. hi the grove. hi trolley at the grove that had a trolley accident and crashed this summer and hurt some german tourists or whatever.

hi 200,000 germans who watched obama speak this month. hi millions around the world who watch me speak all the time.

hi nothing in here is true. hi craziness at work which i love and thrive from.

hi smart chickie who wants to go on a second date with me tonight. hi mystery restaurant which we will visit late tonight.

hi landlord who will get my money and my nasty letter about the dog holes in the courtyard.

hi mom.

hi cubs who are about to sweep the brew crew in milwaukee.

hi memories of prom at lake geneva wisconsin where we drank schlitz from 18 packs.

hi thursday which used to mean seinfeld cheers friends and all of that.

hi thirsty thursday of which there will be a reunion in the hills of santa barbara this weekend.

hi haters whose misery must be endless and which i pity… sniff.

hi top three summer movies that i saw and loved: wanted, dark knight, hancock

hi tsar fans who will see tsar with me next month at the viper room

hi LA Times blogs who are about to totally demolish page view numbers for the month

hi karisa who doesnt know i ate a krispy kreme type donut today and thanks michelle for providing them