and now for my Hancock review

i dont like will smith. or is it wil smith. dont like how i dont know how to spell it.

i started not liking him right around the time of the fresh prince. i felt that rap and hip hop were off to a nice little start and then he had to show up in this parody of rap that didnt do anything to the genre except water it down. yes parents just dont understand was funny and sorta different, the first hundred times, but mtv shoved it so far down our throats that it wasnt funny any more.

i also didnt like how dj jazzy jeff wasnt the slightest bit jazzy.

it also didnt help that my little sister bought the tape and watched the show.

summertime wasnt a bad single but that was about it for his musical career if you ask me. then came the acting. i use that word and consider an asterisk. he isnt a bad actor he just isnt all that amazing. he was ok in that one movie where he pretends hes someone else, six degrees of separation, but is that really acting?

his wife is fine, his kids are ok, his religious choices are his plus as a Christian who am i to judge. but because he rubs me the wrong way as someone who really has no true love for hip hop black culture or pushing the envelope i took a pass on Ali, iRobot, and pretty much anything else that he’s been in. especially the wild wild west a show i adored as a lad when james garner robert conrad ruled all over it.

therefore it was a tough decision when i was met last night with the choices at the arclight that presented me with seeing the dark knight again or a film about a reluctant and drunk black superhero. the premise seemed fine, i just knew i was going to have a hard time rooting for the fresh prince. since he was never fresh, etc.

im very happy to say that it was a fine film with an excellent soundtrack, and some great themes in regard to love, sacrifice, abandonment, pr, and partnership.

and still im shocked that al sharpton or jesse jackson hasnt come out to say “why you gotta have a black superhero be a drunk?”

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