gratzi for all the sweet questions

and now some sweet answers to Ask Tony

Dave C.: Does Kanye write all his own blog entries or does he have a ghost(weed) writer?

i would love to believe that kanye writes them all, but im not so sure becuase there are soooo many posts. the thing is though that anyone can write a post from a blackberry or iphone but kanye also has lots of pics and vids. so maybe he is writing them all but i bet you he has a helper or 4 who uploads the pics and vids.

Dan: Did you get the package?… I’m a little nervous…

i did. i love it. i also am very grateful for the book and cd. i will take a pic of the painting on monday. muchas grassy ass!

adrienne: k, i was seriously bombed last week when i was thinking about my ask tony question, and i can’t remember if i asked you something or not. and because of traveling, i wasn’t able to get back to the busblog before the answer post was sent into the enternal abyss that has become your archives. so my question this week is, did i ask a question last week, and if so what was it and what was your response?

yes you did ask, yes i did answer. my response was hell yeah baby bring it on!

Creepy Dude: I’m getting to the age where walking into a bar of hot twentysomethings is more “where’s my no good daughter?” than “lets get this party started”. But goddamnit man, I still rock. Where do old ragers go to die?

old ragers never die they just do fewer beer bongs in the parkinglot before motorhead shows.

Matt Welch: Aren’t you sad that even if the Cubs make it to the World Series, they’ll get horse-whipped by the Angels?

after watching the angels horse-whip the redsox yesterday, i might be nervous, but the junior circuit never worries me. plus f rod is about to totally implode.

timmay!!!!!: Aren’t you sad that even if the Cubs make it to the World Series, they’ll get horse-whipped by the Red Sox?

did you see manny being manny in left field yesterday going after that ball? dudes drunk! i would happily take on either the white or red sox in the fall classic. hell lets play 22.

zona: Aren’t you sad that even if the Cubs make it to the World Series, they’ll get horse-whipped by the Devil Rays?

if they were still called the Devil Rays id be nervous, but they took the best part out of their name, they have no real closer, very little post season experience, but worst of all they have no heart.

Aaron: Aren’t you sad that if the Cubs make it to the World Series, many of your disillusioned fans will see their AL teams horse-whipped?

i think even they know that this is the year of the Cub, so they wont be too sad.

Phaedra: If you were a South Park character, who would you be?

im a huge fan of towelie. he just wants to have fun and share.

Ciavarro: Aren’t you sad that even if the Cubs make it to the World Series, there’s going to be a huge spike in people getting horse whipped for no reason? Not sure what that’s all about. Is that what people did back in 1945 to celebrate World Series appearances? Bust out the trusty horse whip and start going apeshit in the streets? Go Cubs.

oh i was thinking that the horses were going to be doing the whipping. now this all makes sense.

Sharp (Azreal Darkskies): Are you into horsewhips in the bedroom? What other kinky shit are you into?

im the least kinky man in america. more than a few girls will tell you that sometimes i can find great joy in using my forefinger while tracing the curve of a womans jeaned thigh as she rests her legs across my lap. true i can fully represent when the time comes but theres a lot of gray in between that i also enjoy.

anti: will you come kick it with us at the beach this weekend? no, seriously, will you? email me.

maybe sunday. today im booked. crazy booked.

Andrea: Favorite Kool-Aid flavor? Also, thoughts on ‘guest blogging’? It is better to have someone guest blog for you if you’re going to be away from your blog for a few days, or to just leave it until you come back?

blogs are like jealous girlfriends. they like constant attention. in the bible it says that if a man cannot get his wife pregnant its ok to go into a surrogate to conceive. ahhhh old testament laws. therefore biblically i think guest bloggers are fine. but the results are usually meh, weird, and way uncomfortable if the guest posts are hotter than the normal ones. grape.

keir: What happened with the bike accident? Should I be looking at one of the other 43 blogs you run for the answer?

i didnt followup, but since i havent heard any news of any dead cyclists killed on sunset in silver lake, i will imagine that our prayers were answered and bro was fine.

John: Who’s your favorite Joker?

i liked the dude on tv cuz i grew up with him, but i also loved Jack. i cant wait to see the dark knight tonight with karisa at the arclight.

JackassJimmy: When not making sure the LA Times blogs are rocking, when not saving the peeps of LA from bad guys with the XBI, when not riding the busblog, or cougar-ing or hanging out with cool friends and scantily clad females… What does Tony like to do with “his free time?”

i enjoy reading the bible, taco trucks, indulging in television, and rocking out to the Buzzsaw on Sirius 19.

Mike: Did you know people use koolaid as hair dye?

since i didnt grow up in the ghetto, no. but i hear thats how greenday go their green locks.

lindsay: this is a 3-parter: were we really arguing about juries the other night? i was sooo drunk and i have no recollection of that.

as a follow up to that question was i being a sloppy drunk? i only vaguely remember being at the taco place and someone telling me to ride one of those kiddie carosel things. i can’t remember if i did! also: jack in the box or del taco?

yes we did argue about juries. i think you had negative things to say about certain types of them, i had negative things to say about certain types of lawyers and judges, and sarah had negative things to say about convos that werent about her. yes you were sloppy but you flashed boobs so that makes up for it. im pretty sure you read a kiddie ride but i was too focused on attaining three al pastor tacos.

although i appreciate the fact that del taco has fish tacos, they are really just fish sticks shoved in lil tortillas. therefore i will choose the 2 for 99 cent jack in the crack mystery meat tacos any day, including curley fries but dont rat me out to my nutritionist.

Suzie: will you still read me and promote my blog if I go private, even if it is just temporarily?!?! PS: your advice is always appreciated b/c you a the blog-king

i will still read you but i dont promote private blogs because i dont believe in them unless theyre super dooper hard core and theres a really good reason for them to go private other than an ex bf stalker being a predictable creep. chad had a great blog but it went private and i never go there, sk smith had a great blog but i dont go there for the same reason. i too have private blogs but im sorta ashamed that i even have them so im torn on the issues but i heart you and i always will, so you keep writing no matter where and i will support you.

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