hey Tony did you know Trib head honcho Sam Zell wrote about you?

why yes i did. sam sent it out last week. i was gonna let it slide but i kept getting emails about it, so heres the part in his email where he listed off the two main journalists who are now bloggers on Top of the Ticket, and then me, then my boss, then the person who sells ads for the blog.

Here are a number of ways that your colleagues are advancing our company today:

Top of the Ticket, LA Times’ political blog, is now the 129 top-ranked blog in the world, and the third highest-ranked newspaper politics blog in the country, behind only The New York Time’s Caucus and Washington Post’s Trail, both of which are in the top 100. Top of the Ticket received 2.63 million page views in May alone. Even better, the LA Times ad team is now successfully selling ads tied to the Ticket as a worldwide Top 150 blog. Key Players: Andrew Malcolm, Don Frederick, Tony Pierce, Meredith Artley, Juliana Jaoudi

you can read the whole thing on the LA Times Pressman’s blog written by Ed Padgett who i hope to meet one of these days.

Speaking of The Ticket, Andy Malcolm has a pretty interesting interview with former Christian Coalition executive director Ralph Reed who had this to say about John McCain:

TOTT: What most surprised you about the outcome of the Republican primaries?

Reed: John McCain winning the nomination after essentially running out of money and laying off most of his staff in the summer of 2007 was amazing. His win in New Hampshire was a real Lazarus moment.

Lazarus? Wasn’t Lazarus brought back to life by Jesus? Is he saying that New Hampshire is Jesus? I’m so very confused. Or maybe that’s just a really miserable analogy.

Lazarus wasn’t sorta dead, or dying. He was dead! And had been dead for days! And Lazarus didn’t do anything to rise. It was the Son of God who fixed things. Simply by yelling. Rise, Lazarus! What on Earth does that have to do with McCain outlasting a Mormon hawk and a fundamentalist?

Anyways, Andy, Don, Meredith, Scott Martelle, and Diana Swartz deserve the credit for the Ticket’s great success. i just showed up at the right place at the right time. plus you gotta give props to all of them for actually trying some of the little tiny things that i suggested. you can have the best tips in the world but if the folks dont give em a shot theyre worthless.

one thing that has totally been rewarding about this job is that almost everyone will take suggestions and run with em. to me thats a huge part of professionalism and team work and two big reasons we will survive this terrible recession that is affecting lots of aspects of business and american life. the times is far more flexible and willing to change with the market forces than most people give it credit for being.

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