i bought some pumas the other day

running shoes. most expensive running shoes ive ever bought. $60.

i used to buy converses. still have some. but now converse is owned by Nike and i like the Nike designs and they make good shoes, im just not crazy about the fact that they have factories in some of the most worst countries for human rights WHILE charging the most money for said shoes.

i am a huge fan of open markets and competition and capitalism, but if youre going to have a $150 shoe, why cant you make that shoe in Detroit or Denver or Downtown LA? and if im Tiger Woods, do i really wanna be a part of that?

i know my Pumas arent made in Detroit, nor are any of my sneakers. i just dont want to encourage what seems to be the exploitation of third world countries to make the highest priced shoes ever AND make rich athletes even richer. am i insane to see it that way?

meanwhile its nice that Nike’s wealth and marketing experience is helping Converse get the boost they so deserve. i like seeing the One Star brand in Target on jeans and dress shirts, but it seriously makes me cringe if i think about it for more than a minute.

i know there are aspects of American Apparel that make some cringe, but i know where those clothes are made. theyre made by Americans. they are made in America. theyre made in one of the cruddiest parts of downtown LA, but their workers are given a liveable wage and their clothes dont cost double or triple the price to pay off the multi-millionaires who sponsor them.

michael moore had a movie out after “Roger & Me” called “The Big One”. in it he talked with one of the dudes from Nike, like maybe the president of Nike or something. Moore said that there were people in Flint, Michigan who would love to make Nike shoes. the Nike dude still didnt care, he didnt want his shoes made in the USA.

how much more money would a pair of $150 Air Jordans cost if they were made in Flint? how much more would a pair of $50 converses cost if they were made in downtown LA? all i have to say is, i would love to buy Cons again, Nike, and now you know my terms: make them here and i will pay.

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