kelly green, pictured,

was the singer guitarist of an IV band called the garden party

who didnt have a crush on her?

she played a beautiful green hollowbody gibson, wore summer dresses and doc martens, and sang songs that girls would like and boys wouldnt hate.

i think i had her band on my morning radio show, good morning goleta, once or twice. but i do know i played their songs all the time.

there are two lessons i learned at uciv in regards to creative expression and growth.

number one. if you let thousands of kids play music together on their front lawns and back porches and garages and practice rooms, really good bands will emerge. some out of seemingly nowhere. sadly the nannystate of santa barbara county has gone footloose on IV over the last decade or so and have enforced “noise” ordinances which limit the way bands can play on their private property. thus the amount of great bands coming out of 93117 have all but dried up.

number two. if you have a college newspaper that comes out every day on a campus with no journalism school, no adult supervision, and no way to be restricted by the school administration, really great writers will emerge. some out of seemingly nowhere. and when they win their college journalism awards they will accept them in dresses.

photo courtesy the joel brand archives

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